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Thuppakki is Vijay; Vijay is Thuppakki

Vijay has carried the movie throughout with his self-assured confidence and style. The story requires quick switch over from sleeper cell scenes to commercial love and comedy scenes. Vijay was able to make the transition in his acting in a convincing manner. As always, Vijay dances effortlessly and comedy comes to him naturally(more)

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A fully loaded festival package from Vijay, Murugadoss and co.

Vijay looks ever youthful and the V shape that he so painstakingly maintains looks even more tight and muscular in Thuppakki. Murugadoss has packaged and presented the movie perfectly in sync with Vijay´┐Ż's skills at commercial cinema. (more)

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Paisa Vasool

Thuppakki is a perfect Diwali entertainer. You'll come out feeling like you've just enjoyed a wholesome, satisfying full-course meal. Don't miss it! (more)

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Overall, Thuppakki is enjoyable

'Google google...' and 'Antarctica...' songs are our pick. Harris Jayaraj's background score is brilliant and sets the perfect tone to watch the film. Action sequences are marvellously shot, and Santosh Sivan's cinematography is praise worthy. However, Sreekar Prasad could have been sharp in his editing department. If unnecessary scenes are removed, the movie would have had a different look.(more)

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Shooting stylishly

Murugadoss has packaged Thuppakki in such a manner that Vijay's mass image keeps the film afloat and he has ensured that there is everything for a (Vijay) fan to look forward to.(more)

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Thuppakki is not worth watching

Vijay fans will find plenty to rejoice in this subdued avatar of their star, but audiences who seek intelligence in their movies will find it rather dull. Go with low expectations. (more)

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Thuppakki is a perfect 'Saravedi' at the box office. Indeed a special treat from Vijay and his team for his fans!

Murugadoss has narrated a simple story in a brilliant way. This is undoubtedly one of Vijay's best action films ever. Everything about him in this flick is stylish, kudos to Santosh Sivan for his electrifying cinematography works.(more)

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The biggest treat for all Vijay fans out there!

Vijay's costumes and stylishness, AR Murugadoss's direction, Harris' music and Santosh Sivan's camerawork all look good but some scenes are illogical and songs do hinder the film's progress.(more)

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Gun - Bang on target

The movie is an enjoyable watch because of Vijay's powerhouse performance. The other strong point of the movie is the screenplay by Murugadoss and the tight editing by Sreekar Prasad. Thuppakki will definitely be picked up by a big Bollywood star for a remake.(more)

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'The wait' has been worth it

Murugadoss tries to weave in romance within the action thriller but in some places, the scenes end up like a sore thumb. Vijay is in good form, coming up with a mature and restrained performance where required.(more)

Source: Sangeetha Devi Dundoo , The Hindu