Kondraal Paavam (U/A)
10/Mar/2023 Thriller, Horror 1hr 49mins

Kondraal Paavam

Critics Review


A moral story in the form of a crisp thriller!

A moral story presented in the form of a thriller, Kondraal Paavam is crisp and airtight with neat performances.(more)

Source: Baharth VijayaKumar, MovieCrow


An effective suspense drama shouldered by compelling performances

Kondraal Paavam broods on the idea of the circle of life and death. The film also registers several disturbing moments that play with these themes, and keep us engaged even when squirming. Charle plays a neat foil with his pertinent and consummate performance. While the filmmaker manages to keep the audience on the edge of their seat throughout the film, there are places where the sluggish pacing and exhaustive dialogues prove a dampener. The dramatic treatment and Sam CS' loud music initially help in amplifying the narrative, but the melodrama and the trumpeting numbers feel louder and more distracting in the second half. The sepia colour tones, the scenic visuals of the riverside, and the eerie vintage Thinnai Veedu ferry us to the 80s. (more)

Source: Chandini, CinemaExpress.com


A decent minimalistic crime thriller with an affecting twist

Go for this decent thriller that has an affecting twist at the end(more)

Source: Indiaglitz, IndiaGlitz.com