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Steals Nothing But Our Time!

An one-line that is worthy enough on the paper and has the potential to transform into a drama with touching human emotions stays on the bottom level because of the tiresome screenwriting that involves way too many dull situations.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


GV Prakash's heartwarming film has no emotional connect

'Kalvan' also stereotypes Malayalis as it introduces a mahout from Kerala, who keeps saying, 'I am not a Nair, but a Namboothiri'. Director PV Shankar's 'Kalvan' could have been a simplistic film with a neat message. However, the film gets too simplistic for its own good.(more)

Source: Janani, India Today


A low-stakes affair that follows an archetype narrative

Kalvan follows an archetype narrative with all the standard prerequisites. For example, there�s a mandatory song that pops up to establish Kemban's character. There�s another song that comes up when Kemban falls in love with Balamani (Ivana). There�s yet another song when Balamani falls in love with Kemban. The film also falters when, in a crucial scene, the CGI animal comes across as phoney and so obviously bogus. (more)

Source: Roopa, Times Of India


Aimlessly meanders through a wafer-thin plot

With a loosely packed screenplay that trudges from one pointless scene to another, and weak dialogues that damage competent performances, Kalvan has enough vacuous moments that make us zone out and question the point of its existence. (more)

Source: prashanth Vallavan,


A brilliant Bharathiraja cannot save this lacklustre drama that only wastes your time

Kalvan was promoted as a film on elephants, and every poster had an element symbolising the animal, but we get to see very little of the actual beast... which makes our lead�s plan involving the animal more implausible. In fact, calling Kalvan an �elephant film� would be the equivalent of calling Titanic a film on icebergs and Padayappa a film on granite hills. What could have been a tale of interpersonal relationships amidst a human-wildlife conflict ends up becoming a white elephant.(more)