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Miserably fails to land right!

The touching touching dance number, climax emotional songs hits it right. There�s not much compromise in the making yet the it�s a unfulfilling ride totally.(more)

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A committed Karthi can save predictably plotted Japan only to an extent

Unfortunately, despite such an idea looking good at the script level, they never hold us as they unfold on screen. The scenes involving Japan, especially in the first half, begin to feel indulgent after a while. It is left to the sharp dialogues and a committed Karthi, who sinks his teeth into this role and makes Japan a slightly unpredictable and unreliable character, to keep us hooked.(more)

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Karthi and Raju Murugan's film is a complete misfire

Neither the performances nor the script stand out. 'Japan' feels like a film that needs more work and finesse. The pop culture references added in the film feel forced and do not sit well with the story. And to see it coming from Karthi and Raju Murugan is all the more disappointing. Even GV Prakash's music hardly makes an impact. 'Japan' is a completely underwhelming watch and does not add any value to Karthi's filmography. (more)

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Karthi's heist comedy is uninspired, dull and lengthy

It starts off as a heist comedy, where we are introduced to who Japan is. He is unpredictable, he likes making films on himself, and he is a thief that police are on the lookout for. All these characteristics, perhaps, lead to the garish costumes, funny hairstyle and exasperating voice that Karthi exudes. While those could be excusable and passed off as character traits, a storyline that beats around the bush for eternity cannot.(more)

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Karthi - starrer is a farce that is just not funny or edgy

The film has some interesting visuals by Ravi Varman, but when everything fails, even beautiful visuals cannot save it. GV Prakash�s music does not do much for the film either. Yes, some films thrive in their chaos, and own absurdity with ease, but Japan is just not that film.(more)

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