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This SRK-Atlee Commercial-Package, Strikes Right!

, Atlee and SRK deliver a fairly entertaining ride with their Jawan. To add to this, a nice cameo from Deepika Padukone meant, there isn�t too much general audiences could complain about from such a commercially packaged product. Watch it for its wholesome and decently sensible entertainment despite some cliched sequences.(more)

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Strikingly Meta Vehicle Taps The Magnetism Of Shah Rukh Khan

Jawan opens in a hilly village on India's border - the exact location isn't specified - where a badly wounded soldier is nursed back to physical health. A few months later, he springs to the defence of the hamlet when it is attacked by a band of murderous infiltrators. He repels the aggressors but the brave warrior does not remember who is. A little boy who he saves from certain death promises to find out when he is old enough.Jawan hits the bull's eye both as a movie that is out to entertain and a vehicle that demonstrates the power of a superstar endowed with a voice that is anything but ordinary. It manifests itself as much on the screen as it does outside its fictive confines.(more)

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Massy! Massy! SRK-Atlee's blockbuster is hard to resist

Jawan also has Deepika Padukone in an extended cameo and watching her with SRK is pure joy, but her character needed to have more meat. Even the girl brigade doesn�t get much screen presence and Sunil Grover is an odd misfit in the sketchy narrative that flip flops as and when it wants. The film gets preachy and drags a lot in the first half. There are long dialogues on making the world a better place to live, the stand out scene being SRK�s monologue in exercising your right to vote (the timing is unmissable). Jawan is a big screen spectacle. It is flawed but at a time where everything is over-analysed, it makes for a good time at the cinemas. Ready or not, this is a ride that�s definitely worth taking.(more)

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An entertaining action drama that dares to make a political statement

Jawan feeds off SRK�s stardom. It isn�t intimidated by him.Like a paisa vasool desi thaali, it has all kinds of flavour to satiate your taste buds. The reincarnation of 'action hero SRK' hits the sweet spot.(more)

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SRK Shows Who's Baap!

Beyond its comic-book entertainment chronicling the age-old war between good and evil, Jawan springs a real surprise when it boldly and directly points fingers at the ineffective government and appeals to recognise the power of the finger and vote.(more)



Shah Rukh Khan is spectacular in Atlee's socially-charged thriller

Jawan is also a movie in love with other movies. Bollywood and Hollywood fans alike will have a field day playing spot-the-reference. Before his endgame is revealed, Khan�s vigilante has shades of The Joker, Darkman, even a bit of Dennis Hopper from Speed. Kaali literally hands out red and blue pills (a neat idea, I think, since he�s working to corrupt the system). We get a Russian mob boss in a Bane mask. Yet, as in Pathaan, the best references are to Khan�s own filmography. Azad�s adoptive mother (Riddhi Dogra) is named Kaveri Amma, which was also the name of Khan�s adoptive mother in Swades (2004). There are similar nods to Main Hoon Na, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and, perhaps most fittingly, Duplicate.(more)

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Shah Rukh Khan Gets From South What Bollywood Failed To Do For Years!

Jawan will always be remembered for Atlee�s extraordinary way of giving Shah Rukh Khan a befitting tribute, proving why he�s, for all reasons, �the last of the stars�.(more)

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JAWAN is a mass entertainer at its best with superlative performances, thrilling and clapworthy moments and largerthanlife action sequences.

G K Vishnu's cinematography is very rich. T Muthuraj's production design is superior. Anirudh and Dipika Lal's costumes stand out. Preetisheel Singh D'souza's make-up and prosthetics deserve a special mention. Spiro Razatos, Anl Arasu, Craig Macrae, Yannick Ben, Kecha Khamphakdee and Sunil Rodrigues' action is visually appealing and not too gory. Redchillies.vfx's VFX matches global standards. Ruben's editing is razor-sharp.(more)

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Shah Rukh Khan packs a punch in this massy, meaningful actioner

Jawan's screenplay by Atlee and S. Ramanagirivasan is engaging and gripping but Sumit Arora's dialogues are quite forgettable and average considering the scale the movie is mounted on. Other than the one line when SRK says, 'Bete ko haath lagane se pehle baap se baat kar' nothing really stays with you for long. Nevertheless, Jawan is a wholesome watch that won't give you any dull moment. Keep your eyes and mind focused on screen for there's a lot to take in and you don't want to miss the action or know why it's happening in the first place. Watch out for a climax that's one paisa vasool moment.(more)

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