Jawan Review - This SRK-Atlee commercial-package, strikes right!

PUBLISHED DATE : 07/Sep/2023

Jawan Review - This SRK-Atlee commercial-package, strikes right!

This SRK-Atlee commercial-package, strikes right!


The much awaited collaboration between Bollywood’s King and Kollywood’s top commercial filmmaker Jawan, has finally hit the screens worldwide. With a mix of mass, action, romance and emotions, has this Shah Rukh Khan-Atlee film satisfied audiences? Read further to find out.

Jawan begins in a small village, with a well-made flashback that depicts SRK in the rawest form that you may have seen in the recent few years. Cut to thirty years later, we have a set of women and a man named Azad (SRK) that set out to go against the corrupt government. As usual as it may sound, there’s a stylish police officer in the form of Nayanthara that decides to take team Azad on. What do this team want from weapon dealer turned businessman Kalee (Vijay Sethupathi) forms for the rest of this story.

In terms of the storyline, these are familiar grounds. But what sets asail this film is the packaging that Atlee is known for. There are a bunch of well choreographed actions scenes that are backed up with even better emotional flashbacks. The romance is passable as well and hence a majority of the first half is a cracker!

As for the casting, SRK is at his best! He can hold the screen all by himself but is well aided by Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi who sizzle with their parts. The women that have flashbacks are amazing too and some of the faces that have been cast in these portions create much needed emotional impact. 

Apart from all this, the film also has its biggest pillar in the form of Anirudh! A couple of chartbusters and some great background score work, has held Jawan together. The other technical aspects are impressive as well. Be it GK Vishnu’s visuals or Ruben’s slick edit and even the bombastic art work, the film has it all!
However, post the fantastically entertaining intermission, there are dull phases that give you the feeling of a lengthy film. Also, another drawback is that the emotional flashback portions at times seem disconnected from the core plot of the film. Towards the end, you get a very stretched out feeling of proceedings that could have ended up much crisper. 

On the whole, Atlee and SRK deliver a fairly entertaining ride with their Jawan. To add to this, a nice cameo from Deepika Padukone meant, there isn’t too much general audiences could complain about from such a commercially packaged product. Watch it for its wholesome and decently sensible entertainment despite some cliched sequences.



SRK, Atlee and Anirudh ensure entertainment-tricks that Bollywood has been missing for a long time!

Rating: 3/5

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