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Outdated Cringe Fest!

A sensitive topic which could have been much more as a film, but settles on the ground level due to a flat screenplay. The approach is extremely preachy as the done and dusted messages are thrown directly to our faces which makes it worse.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


Bakasuran's okayish message is let down by preachy and predictable writing

The one good message that the film has is asking youths to be transparent with their parents. Even this could have been highlighted even better. The film could have also encouraged parents to be forward thinking so that there is mutual understanding and respect between parent and the child.(more)

Source: Logesh Balachandran, Times Of India


Mohan G's film is highly problematic

Selvaraghavan is earnest and aptly cast as the man who wants to fight for a lost cause. He makes the emotional moments really work, especially the scenes with his daughter. Natty is also effectively cast and he owns his scenes very well. Radha Ravi as the prime antagonist is so badly written that the character hardly creates any impact. At best, it�s a character that leaves you feeling disgusted.(more)

Source: Haricharan, Hindustan Times


Devours the audience's time with insipid narration

The core issue of the sex crimes against women is handled just like that and serves only as an excuse for the routine revenge drama. The father-daughter bonding is filmed in such a cliched manner that the tragedy is totally unaffecting. There is no character worthy for the audience to root for.(more)

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Mohan G's latest film trains its furious, problematic gaze on women

Bakasuran identifies problems and presents silly, superficial solutions. It sees that mobile phones can cause trouble, and its solution is to vilify the whole technology. It sees that young adults can explore their sexuality, and its solution is to disallow privacy. It hopes to strike fear into the hearts of our already insecure parents and urge them to pursue constant surveillance. The film doesn�t understand that the problem is also repressive upbringing; it doesn�t get that the problem is also that youngsters are shamed and humiliated for the slightest, most natural explorations of their sexuality. Isn�t that why Bheema�s daughter feels so disgusted that she shared a kiss? Isn�t that why she feels so scared of talking to her family? Pray, tell me� is the solution then to shut such young adults inside a box, or to foster trust and help them see that they will never be judged�only gently guided? But all of this might just be too much nuance to expect from a film whose portrayal of a bad woman centres on her wearing sleeveless outfits, sporting short hair, and speaking loudly.(more)

Source: Sudhir Srinivasan ,


Bakasuran is a dull drama about the exploitation of women

Bakasuran may lie in what is being said (or being left unsaid). I don't know the answers, but sociologists and political minds might have a more interesting time with Bakasuran than lay audiences like us.(more)

Source: Galatta,