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Agilan is focused but is neither interesting nor exciting. It is the message that should have been loud and clear, but sadly it is only the background score that is loud.

The theme of the film about how the system actually functions in a way that it is easier to smuggle goods than to help starving people across countries comes through a dialogue in the climax. But it is a question mark if this message would have been the takeaway from the film without this dialogue This is because despite spending over 2 hours in the harbour setting, we don�t really get a sense of how things work. Agilan ends up being neither a hero driven action film nor an information yielding message film. Jayam Ravi is earnest as always and tries to keep you invested. But there is very little support from the(more)

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Jayam Ravi steers Agilan to safety with his earnest performance

Jayam Ravi's performance stands out as he single-handedly carries the film, having put in a lot of effort in his body language and dialogue delivery. His presence as a rugged crane operator elevates the average plot. Although Agilan has the usual commercial tropes we've seen before, its backdrop makes it slightly more interesting. While the film is watchable, the second half fails to satisfy the audience's expectations.(more)

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Agilan is watchable for Jayam Ravi's performance, good message and music.

Agilan is a film with fantastic performances and background score that deserved a better screenplay. The second half lags a lot while the first half is a complete opposite to it. Despite having a good message, not connecting well with the audience makes the film like a fantastic lecture in a classroom where the students have already zoned out. A watchable flick.(more)

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Jayam Ravi shines in this uneven thriller bogged down by its social message

Agilan manages to suck you into the harbour world very effectively. Having predominantly shot inside a port, one can see the detailing that has gone into the visuals of the film. Jayam Ravi is earnest in a role that could�ve easily ended being his career-best. His efforts fall short because of the character transformation that doesn�t really work in his favour. The hero-villain conflict is another weak aspect of the film and hardly adds any value in making the story interesting.(more)

Source: Haricharan Pudipeddi, Hindustan Times


Jayam Ravi can't save this mishmash of ideas watered down by insipid writing

The film, at regular intervals, throws us curve balls in the form of nuggets of information or interesting subplots. �Right from the price of onions to stock prices, everything is determined by sea traffic,� quips Agilan while pointing out the influence of freight transport. Only when we think this trivia might lead to something bigger, it dissolves into nothing like salt thrown into the water. The film also touches upon several crimes such as human trafficking, drugs, maritime piracy and arms smuggling. But these plots remain at the surface level like the ships they are bootlegged by. Agilan also suffers from lipsync issues. The background score is also agonizingly loud.(more)



Yet another formulaic film with a pseudo anti-hero

Agilan works and it is engrossing as long as the film was about the titular character even though he is flawed, and the film starts to fizzle out the moment the character starts becoming a template �hero�.(more)

Source: Kirubakar, Indian Express