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A Wholesome Emotional Entertainer!

There are a few incomplete sequences in the first hour and the latter being a bit lengthy. Otherwise, It's a solidly written soulful film and full of life. A thoroughly gripping tale with an ample amount of heart touching and fun filled scenes.(more)

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Kavin excels in this well-written feel-good emotional drama

Dada could have easily been a Tamil version of Pursuit of Happiness if it had only focused on the career and the battles of Manikandan, who is struggling to raise his child, Adhithya. But it does showcase his love life again post-interval, giving us another dimension. Overall, Dada is a well-written drama with the right mix of comedy, emotion, and love. It's something to watch out for this weekend.(more)

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Kavin Is Pitch Perfect In This Fatherhood Drama

Ganesh K Babu's debut film is a restrained yet beautiful take on the many joys and complexities of parenthood(more)

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Kavin, Aparna Das' film is thoughtful and effective

Director Ganesh K Babu's DaDa, starring Kavin and Aparna Das, is a feel-good family drama that is quite sensitive. With good performances and funny moments, DaDa is a pick for this week. Read our review. (more)

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The performances led by Kavin and the technical aspects make Dada, a film worth your time.

Dada is a sweet feel-good romantic comedy with engagement issues in the first half. The film has its heart in the right place and that powers the film throughout. Technically too the film has a certain quality and that is maintained till the last frame. The humour works out wonderfully in many places and that also helps the film a lot. A harmless watch for the weekend.(more)

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Enjoyable coming-of-age drama about accidental parenthood

s much as DaDa is emotional at times, it�s also thoroughly enjoyable thanks to the use of humour to lighten the mood. The situational comedy works in a big way to keep the entertainment factor ticking throughout the movie. Both Kavin and Aparna are great fit for their respective parts. Kavin comes across a major surprise as he�s someone who�s relatively new but embraces this character with strong understanding and plays it confidently. From the initial helplessness of becoming a father to slowly understanding his role and his responsibility towards his kid, Kavin sells his transformation so competently.(more)

Source: Haricharan Pudipeddi, Hindustan Times


A well-written drama made with plenty of heart

Dada can be processed as the story of a man's pursuit of peace. The film opens and ends with a shot of Manikandan sleeping peacefully. Similarly, the story can also be seen as his quest to become a complete man, and a man who isn�t above crying. Though he proudly claims that he has never shed a tear in his life initially, he breaks down at two crucial places. That he isn�t alone in shedding tears during those vulnerable moments, speaks of this film�s power to affect. (more)

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