Vasoolraja Mbbs (U)
14/Aug/2004 Comedy, Romance

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Paisa Vasool

Vasoolraja MBBS just does not stand up to the original. Still the film has a larkish quality which makes it `paisa vasool`! Crazy Mohan's dialogues are not so funny. The songs tuned by Bharadwaj are a major let down. Kamal Hassan dominates the film and his comic timing cannot be matched by any othe...(more)

Source: MovieBuzz,


Happy fare

The Kamal-Crazy Mohan combo has come with yet another laughter medicine. Kamal exhibits the exuberance of talent in both comedy and emotions. Crazy Mohan has once again proved to be the best comedy writer in Tamil cinema. Director Charan has handled the movie pretty well, but the later part of the m...(more)

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An entertainer

PLAUSIBILITY HAS no place in "Vasool Raja MBBS" but that in no way hampers its entertainment value. In fact, it aids it. " Vasool Raja ... " is a crisper version of "Munna Bhai MBBS." Typical `Crazy' touches are evident in Mohan's dialogue but not as many as you would normally find. When a flick is ...(more)

Source: Malathi Rangarajan, The Hindu


Kamal's show all the way

Vasool Raja is a faithful remake of the original. But the dialogues by Crazy Mohan lack the punch and humour that the original had. Vasool Raja, on the other hand, is worth just one watch. Vasool Raja is doing well commercially. It shows that those who have not seen the original will still enjoy the...(more)

Source: Shobha Warrier,


Better than the original.

Kamalhassan - Crazy Mohan duo combo creates a laugh riot in Vasool Raja MBBS. With the excellent performance of Kamalhassan the film provides entertainment in large dose. Sharan deserves a pat for making the film better than the original. Sneha and Prakashraj's performances are disappointing. (more)

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Well workout comedies .......?........Good fun film (more)