Ante Sundaraniki (U)
10/Jun/2022 2hrs 56mins

Ante Sundaraniki

Critics Review


Nani Shines In This Breezy Entertainer!

The writing is terrific and all those scenes that you assumed were being played only for comedy fit into the larger picture much later. The pay offs are really good. The film also gets the emotional portions right towards the end. Again, there is no melodrama here and everything is smooth and subtle.(more)

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Nani and Nazriya offer good laughs and entertainment in this rom-com

For a rom-com, we do not see Nani and Nazriya hug or kiss often. Their love story is more practical and something that has evolved over the years. At a time with action-packed thrillers taking over the big screens, it is nice to see a breezy romantic comedy hit the right notes. Well, almost.(more)

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Lovable Family Drama

Ante Sundaraniki is a well-made family drama that should please all age groups. The fresh pairing of Nani and Nazriya, solid supporting cast, good comedy, and neat emotions are basic assets. Barring the lack of regular mass masala moments and slow start, this film will immerse you in its well-executed proceedings and gives a message that loves comes before the caste, religion, and everything else. Go for it.(more)

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Powered by real, flawed and fun characters

When the two worlds collide, the journey progresses with a web of lies that further complicates things. The family drama is populated with numerous characters, yet nobody is a bystander. From the grandmother to a boy who comes in a two-minute scene, everyone plays a definite part. (more)

Source: Sangeetha Devi, The Hindu


Nani and Nazriya shine in this cute rom-com

Ante Sundaraniki this weekend, especially if you love rom-coms with a big dollop of craziness. Also watch it if you've loved Vivek's previous work and for the cast, especially for Nani and Nazriya.(more)

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For a Few Laughs

"Ante Sundaraniki" provides a few laughs and countless clich�s. There is a lot to scissor out. If this film is given to the audience to edit, they may comfortably chop off 30 minutes. The director seems to be more attached to the scenes he shot and didn't let the editor use his skill. (more)

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Nani, Nazriya Fahadh share crackling chemistry in this hilarious rom-com

The real selling point of Ante Sundaraniki is Vivek's love and grasp of the Telugu language. The fluency of the narration is so refreshing. It is not loaded with heavy heroic punchlines. The vocabulary of the movie is so simple and at the same time has a significant literary value.(more)

Source: Manoj KUmar, Indian Express


Nani and Nazriya shine in this rom-com family drama

The film is a stretch and the first half could have been edited more efficiently by restricting the flashback portions. Having said that, if you like romantic comedies that also give you food for thought then Ante Sundaraniki would be your film.(more)

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