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A Template Film That Stays Afloat!

A template film that remains afloat largely due to Karthi and to a certain extent, Prakash Raj. Template is never the problem. It means that you get dance, romance, comedy, action and emotions. It is a problem when these remain only as a part of a checklist and not a well thought out mix that is meant to be enjoyable.(more)

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Actors make this generic rural drama a passable affair

The portions that work are mainly due to the actors, who infuse one-dimensionally written characters with flesh and blood. Like Prakash Raj, who makes us see past Muniyandi's negative qualities and turns him into someone who could be given a chance at redemption, especially in the final portions. Raj Kiran and Karunas lend respectability to purely functional roles while Soori manages to crack a few one-liners that hit their spot and make us smile. On the technical side, there is basic proficiency, but even these feel generic - Selvakumar SK's visuals have the oft-seen colour palette found in contemporary rural films while Yuvan Shankar Raja contributes with a couple of catchy songs and a score that just about works.(more)

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Karthi's predictable drama creates a festival-like experience

Walking into a Muthaiya film always feels like being invited to a family wedding which is usually full of people. Here�s a filmmaker, who still strives to tell stories about joint families that are still a big deal in villages. In 2022, joint family is a concept that�s alien to most of us but trust Muthaiya to make us invest in his story and he doesn�t disappoint. Even when the film takes some predictable detours with respect to the story and transformation of characters, the film still manages to entertain, thanks to the emotional moments and the lead performances.(more)

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. The problem with Viruman is that so little effort has been made to infuse the elements of this template with some freshness. The fights look the same. The song staging looks the same. Prakash Raj's character is the same he has played a thousand times earlier. The two biggest contributors are the costume designer and the cinematographer SK Selvakumar. Karthi comes in a variety of monochrome shirts. The frames have clearly been designed with a look in mind. The wide shots of the insides of the houses and the outsides of the rural countryside look beautiful. In the climax, there is the shot of a man sitting next to a photo on which fire is reflected. And the shot means something, reminding us of an earlier event. The film feels old but, hey, at least, it looks nice and new.(more)

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Karthi's film is passable

One can go on and on about the ingrained sexism and the romanticisation of familial values that teems in Viruman. Also, we wonder when Tamil directors � from Muthaiya to Gautam Vasudev Menon � will forgo the idea of making the wives and girlfriends as stand-ins for the mothers of our heroes. In Viruman, there is a scene where Thaen�s face reflects on Viruman�s dead mother�s photo � it was one of many instances where I laughed at the film.(more)

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Karthi and Prakash Raj are endearing in this blaring rural drama that firmly sticks to its traditions

One of the things that gets going in Viruman is the chemistry between Karthi and Prakash Raj. It is more natural than the one Karthi shares with Aditi who, at best, could pass off as his sibling. These two actors � Karthi and Raj � keep you hooked on to the proceedings, even when it hits a series of lows in the second half. The surprising charm that was there in Muthaiya�s pen in the first half gets watered down to a tear jerker. If at all there is a takeaway from Viruman, it is that we have finally found a formidable pair in Karthi and Raj for the Tamil remake of Ayyappanum Koshiyum.(more)

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Karthi's flavourless film is full of stale ideas

It is the actors who try their best to elevate the drowning script of Viruman. Karthi is seen displaying his Paruthiveeran-like charm in Viruman, which is a treat to watch. And Prakash Raj is exceptional as a misogynistic father. You literally hate his character and that's where he succeeds. Viruman is a showreel for Aditi Shankar, daughter of legendary director Shankar. She has displayed her acting, dancing and dialogue delivery skills. And they are okay for the most part.(more)

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The performances led by Karthi, Yuvan's music, and the rooted nature make Viruman a watchable family drama.

Viruman is a Muthaiah film that's strictly in Muthaiah's safe zone and doesn't want to venture into untested waters. Audiences who generally like Muthaiah's style of filmmaking will love this, especially due to the technical quality, while for other audiences this is a strict one time watch. Can be watched with your family members as well, since the violence is not gory, and even swear words used in the film are censored.(more)

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Karthi's film almost fools you into believing that it would hold toxic father accountable

One is of Viruman coming up with a plan to get his brother�s choice of partner get accepted by their devil of a father. The comic-timing and Prakash Raj�s performance especially makes this one of the best scenes in film. They come and go, these moments, but they do not really stay with you. Unless of course, you are thinking of making memes!(more)

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