Rudra Thandavam (U/A)
01/Oct/2021 Crime, Drama

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Rudra Thandavam
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Neither Rudram By Emotion Nor Thandavam In Action

While certain issues discussed and portrayed are commendable, like drug abuse, cell phone gaming addiction and etc., some unnecessary bias and stands with respect to caste politics make the film a confusing one. It is evident that the film could have given a better experience if it had been treated ...(more)

Source: Meera Chithirapaavai , MovieCrow


A dangerous piece of work to 'erase' caste from caste-based violence

Closer home, let us take another ghastly murder in which a father-son duo was brutally tortured and killed in custody by two police officers. The case that shook Tamil Nadu last year was reported to be linked to caste. Now, what if a filmmaker defends custodial torture - by making a case for a nexus...(more)

Source: Srivasan, The Hindu


Richard-Mohan G's action drama is a one-time watch

The film, which comes across as an action drama, fails to give the adrenaline rush and impact, which are much-needed for a genre of this kind. While Mohan G could have handled this issue in a neutral way, many instances portray a particular class or community in a bad light. However, a couple of sce...(more)

Source: Logesh Balachandran, Times Of India



Mohan has also captured how the drug mafia uses religion and the caste angle to divert the case. Another interesting angle is the Crypto Christians! The director is strong in his subject but he needs craft finesse. Comparing to his previous film Draupathi, Mohan has come a long way, the visuals look...(more)

Source: Moviebuff,