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Navarasa - Guitar Kambi Mele Nindru - Review

What if the train episode from Vaaranam Aayiram was made into a short? GVM tries to do something like that in this short about 'Love'. Love between two people need not and maybe cannot be understood by others. It is futile to pass a judgement on a bond that is shared between two individuals.But in a film, that bond needs to be relatable and if not, atleast engaging or intriguing for the audience. Unfortunately whatever that happens between Kamal (an earnest Surya) and Nethra (Prayaga) is anything but interesting. Having a film built around conversations is obviously going to be difficult and if the audience cannot get into the headspace of the two characters, it is going to be one dreary affair. And this is exactly how Guitar Kambi Mele Nindru turned out (more)

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Overall, the anthology has a lot of good films, but the order of films could have been tweaked

Priyadarshan's Summer of '92 and Gautham Menon's Guitar Kambi Mele Nindru stand out well. A pattern that could be observed in both these films is the simplicity of the plot. The leads have clearly drawn character arcs, and the screenplay is neat. There are no big twists as such, but the mood created by the films keeps us engaged throughout. (more)

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Vasanth Sai and Arvind Swami excel in this mixed bag

Films on Anger and Disgust stand out in this anthology that has everything between the good and the bad (more)

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A Few Works, Rest Are Bore

'Navarasa' is about 9 stories and 9 emotions but except for two or three, most stories are not palatable, boring or too cliched.(more)

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Some interesting films, some misses in this 9 film saga

Navarasa is the film industry's effort to contribute to the welfare of its members, and that is indeed a laudable goal. But considering the talent on board, you can't help but feel a little cheated. I'm going with the 'Ah, well' rasa on this one. (more)

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A few that work, and rest are a blur in Netflix anthology

Some rasas are more palatable than the others in this anthology starring the who�s who of the Tamil film industry.(more)

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Netflix Anthology Makes A Fair Fist Of Delivering A Range Of Cinematic Moods

The toughest aspect of Navarasa, a nine-film, five-hour anthology that brings together some of the brightest names of Tamil cinema, isn't its length. It is the erratic and arbitrary manner in which the nine emotions of Indian dramaturgy have been translated to the screen. But to be fair, barring an exception or two, Navarasa, streaming on Netflix, makes a fair fist of delivering a range of cinematic moods and colour palettes, if not the intended spectrum of emotions.(more)

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