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An honest attempt

Writer is a must-watch for touching upon the unexplored areas within the police force. We have never seen how a few cops in power treat those who are powerless in films but here debutant Franklin Jacob showcased this angle. Also, the reason behind the multiple suicides of cops in Tamil Nadu is another subplot that deserves our attention. (more)

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Scathing indictment of Tamil cinema's obsession with hero-cop formula

Writer, in that regard, serves as a scathing indictment of Tamil cinema's obsession with valourising police excesses in films like Theri, Darbaar, the Singam trilogy or the many, many others that have come out over the decades. The lead police character isn�t played by a suave (often young) hero mouthing punch dialogues to justify his violence. Against this grain is an ageing Samuthrakani, deskbound, frequently winded for breath, unheroic, ethically compromised and grasping at straws to make amends. The film leaves us to decide whether or not he has found redemption, if it is even possible at all.(more)

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An honest attempt that could have been made better

Portrayal of atrocities by the police in films is not new to us, yet this film gives us a different perspective by letting us encounter both good and evil policemen in the department. Composer Govind Vasantha deserves a special mention as his music helps to elevate the script. The other technical aspects could have been better, especially while handling a gritty narrative like this.(more)

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Writer is a solid political film, that shows the weaker side of police deparment

Save your best for the last is something we hear often. It's not sure how many people follow that, but Writer, which was released in the last week of 2021, ends up as one of the best films this year. It doesn't portray the victims as people who surrender, but as people who revolt and resist. With lots of self-respect to the characters, the film's politics are also on point. Try not to miss it in theates! (more)

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Samuthirakani shines in this gripping tale that leaves a good impact!

Writer also raises the right kind of questions about many issues in society. Writer might have similarities with Visaaranai and Jai Bhim with regards to the idea about an oppressed being falsely framed for a crime, but the treatment in Writer is different. The approach is intense and the staging of scenes are also quite effective. While the first half of the film moves on an engaging note, certain issues pop up in the latter half. The flashback of Ineya seemed like a deviation and that could've been avoided. There are minor issues like these where the film doesn't hold you completely. The second half of Writer also has a few engagement issues. (more)

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An insightful, unvarnished peek into the police force

Writer unfurls as a lifestyle movie, more than a cop drama. It takes its time to establish the lives of Thangadurai and Devakumar. But, this is a necessity to understand the nuances of social authority, oppression, and the justice system. Franklin Jacob turns a questioning eye towards the police department which is notorious for its concentration of power. (more)

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One of the most important films of Tamil cinema, a polite answer to chest-thumping cop movies

Writer is the kind of film that goes beyond the meaning of entertainment, and it leaves you enlightened. It makes you question the very department that�s meant to protect us and be at our service. (more)

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