Anbirkiniyal (U)
05/Mar/2021 Drama, Thriller

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Go for this survival drama that is not only engaging but also is refreshing

What works best in 'Anbirkiniyaal' is the entire second half which alternates between the freezer room where Keerthy uses every ounce of strength to survive and the father and lover searching for her without a clue. The techniques that the girl uses to stay alive are pretty convincing and her inter...(more)

Source: Review Board,


This remake of Helen is an engaging watch

Despite the edge-of-the-seat plot, the reason why Helen was well received at the time of its release was because of the lively depiction of the scenes between the father and the daughter. The warmth that Lal and Anna Ben brought to their performances is tough to match, but here, the real-life father...(more)

Source: M Suganth, Times Of India