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Middling Gangster Drama Held Together By Silambarasan!

Pathu Thala ought to have been more focused for the emotions to have clicked. It lacks a consistent tension, but it works in parts, thanks to some large-scale action set pieces and theatre moments.(more)

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STR and Gautham Karthik elevate this fairly-engaging gangster film

The intense performances of Silambarasan and Gautham Karthik make us overlook some of the logical mistakes made by the writer. Gautham, in particular, manages to look authentic as an undercover cop. Gautham Vasudev Menon's performance as the Deputy Chief Minister is commendable, and the technical aspects of the film are quite efficient, with only a couple of shots falling out of focus. Overall, Pathu Thala may not be a great film for those who have watched the original, but it's still worth watching for the lead actors and some standout moments.(more)

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Simbu's middling gangster drama takes a formulaic route

Simbu, as a dreaded gangster, delivered a top-notch performance as AGR. In the climax, he goes all guns blazing. It�s almost like he is dancing to the tune of AR Rahman. In short, it�s the devil�s dance. (PS: Devil is AGR�s code name among the police). Gautham Karthik has gotten one of the best roles of his career. As a brooding undercover agent, he has done well. Priya Bhavani Shankar has a miniscule role. Simbu's on-screen relationship with sister Anu Sithara offers some respite.(more)

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'Pathu Thala' is a contrived action movie that's saved solely by Silambarasan

Silambarasan dominates the second half and single-handedly saves the movie� to an extent. He plays a "someone" character, too. His Raavanan is a randomly written grey-shaded character, with a random emotional angle with his sister, and random business interests. Even the references to the Kamba Ramayanam are random. We find several copies of the book but not much is done with the secrets they contain. All we get is something that someone is going to "decode" thus: Ooh! His name is Raavanan and he carries copies of the Ramayana. But Silambarasan is so composed, he sells the hell out of his scenes. This is the very definition of star presence and a star performance: he makes us buy the bullshit. His fans went crazy over every punch line and "mass" moment, but even non-fans are likely to see him as this film's saviour. He does far more for the movie than the movie does for him.(more)

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Pathu Thala will engage and entertain you, courtesy STR's energy, Rahman's music and the story.

Pathu Thala is an engaging action film with great stunt choreography and performances. It sets a certain bar in the music and cinematography and never goes below it. It does justice to the original story without going overboard at any place. Had the pacing of the second half, and the screenplay in general been a little better, this would have been a must watch film. Nevertheless, it is a good watch for the weekend.(more)

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Silambarasan saves the timeworn gangster film

Despite all its shortcomings, Silambarasan and Gautham Karthik make the film bearable. In the first half of the film, director N Krishna only teases us with glimpses of AGR, and he finally makes his entry onscreen in the interval (something we saw in Vikram). All this while, Gautham Karthik manages to hold your attention as Guna. Also, the investigation into the case of the missing CM makes things interesting. In the second half, Simbu�s presence raises the tone of the film. There�s an X-factor that the actor brings along. It is undefinable, just like how you can�t rationalise the craze for Rajinikanth. Sadly, director Krishna and the film don�t do much for Simbu. The actor, however, saves the film.(more)

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Simbu's predictable but engaging gangster film works only because of him

Silambarasan, despite having a very limited screen time, really shines in a role that he strongly elevates just with his presence. The finale action sequence is one of the major highlights of the film and thanks to the way it�s shot and presented, it leaves the viewer exiting the cinema hall on a high. Gautham Karthik, too, gets to shine in a role that he hasn�t played before. He gets a massy introduction sequence which is another highlight of the film. It�s the women, who are let down in poorly written characters. Priya Bhavani Shankar could have definitely been used more effectively. AR Rahman�s music and score genuinely helps the film work wholesomely.(more)

Source: Haricharan Pudipeddi, Hindustan Times