Breathe: Into The Shadows
Crime, Thriller


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Breathe: Into the Shadows


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Abhishek and Amit deliver the goods with this suspense filled, new Breathe series!

The primary objective of a crime drama series is to keep the audience hooked to the screen. In this aspect, Breathe: Into the Shadows achieves this feat for a large part of its run-time. The narrative follows a non-linear pattern after a certain midpoint and we have a beautiful flashback portion tha...(more)

Source: Akash, MovieCrow


A preposterous web series

Somewhere in there, in all the roiling and toiling, are the bones of a crackerjack thriller. But this loosely written season 2, bouncing in and out of a kidnapping drama, and the creation and search of a psychotic killer, gets mired in its own muddles, and ends up being plain preposterous. (more)

Source: Subhra Gupta, Indian Express


An interesting premise with some decent performances

Abhishek and Nithya are the core focus of the show throughout and they are watchable to a great extent. Amit too has maintained the character continuity well, though he has beefed up since the first season and has become even more silent and stoic. Plabita always has a solid screen presence, as is S...(more)

Source: Upam Buzarbaruah, Times Of India