Critics Review


Just A Passable Psycho-Thriller!

What could have been a gripping youthful thriller is watered down to be an average flick due to overstuffing things. A focused single track with limited and powerful characterizations alongside the same flashback would have been neater.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


Prabhudeva's Bagheera is a tedious and problematic crime thriller

Prabhudeva surprises us with his antics, and he has delivered an intense performance. But then, none of it stays in our mind, as the world in which these acts are staged is not relatable at all. The technical aspects of the film, too, aren't captivating enough for a subject like this. Bagheera might have worked if it had been released decades ago, but even then, it's absurd to propagate these kinds of ideas.(more)

Source: Logesh, Times Of India


An eccentric Prabhu Deva shines through a chaotic script

Adult entertainers usually fare well when they don�t take themselves too seriously. While there are moments in Bagheera that massively benefit from such lighthearted treatment, there are sections of the film that are too deliberately filled with logical loopholes and careless writing. Unfortunately, the latter segments of the film bulldoze whatever little is built by the former(more)

Source: Prashanth Vallavan, The New Indian Express