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Superstar Tries His Best, But The Film Trembles!

The story is extremely basic without much of a fluency. The happenings are so random and the plot-points comes out of nowhere, like a TV serial, new characters appear all of a sudden for every few minutes with different lame reasons. It is like we're left clueless without a clarity on the destiny, hence the path gets messy too. How wonderful the conflict and heart-warming the emotions were in Viswasam, it is unfortunately the totally opposite here. The character-writing is weak for most of them, the treatment of the bromance portions is unbearably melodramatic and with an old-school storyline and incoherent subplots, we don't get to empathize with what's going on-screen(more)

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Rajinikanth's Diwali release is cinematic equivalent of the meeting that could've been an email

Subtlety has never been Siva�s strong suit. However, at the least, his films have a cohesive emotional fabric. It is a massive disappointment that Annaatthe lacks the basics. (more)

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Where is the entertainment?

Siva's poor understanding of the universe of a 'good Rajinikanth film' shines through. He picks a terrific Jagapathi Babu as the antagonist only to waste him. A powerful villain going toe-to-toe with Rajinikanth has produced some terrific entertainer.Annaatthe lacks mouth-watering hero-villain face-offs. Punchlines are what makes Rajinikanth films enjoyable. In Annaatthe we see Rajinikanth delivering long, philosophical lines on love, life, and justice and we try hard not to yawn(more)

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A disappointing film which tests our patience

The first half of Annaatthe moves at a leisure pace with filmy brother-sister sentiment and needless comedy scenes featuring Khushbu, Meena, Sathish, Soori, and others. Nayanthara looks gorgeous and majestic as the lawyer but she has very little to do, and it is Rajinikanth all the way. Keerthy Suresh is earnest but as said earlier, too much melodrama takes away the novelty factor. (more)

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Even Rajinikanth cannot save badly written Annaaatthe

Given that the sibling bond is its core, we expect scenes that show us why and how Kaalaiyan and Meenatchi are close. Instead, like in the recent Udanpirappe, characters only keep talking about the relationship! With this leading to an unaffecting tale, D Imman's use of a sentimental score hardly adds an emotional punch to the action scenes, which are shot in a generic manner.(more)

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Rajinikanth's action drama belongs in a museum

Meena and Khushbu appear in a completely jarring comedy track, and it's sad to see the actors being reduced to this. Rajinikanth reels off punch dialogues faster than a jet plane but you can see that the man is tired. The affection you have for the actor makes you forgive the obvious stiffness in his body, the glaring age difference between him and the woman he's romancing, the pasty make-up and much else. But even his biggest fan would admit that this film is a colossal mess. (more)

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Annaatthe is a watchable mass commercial film with high dose of sentiment and action.

Annaatthe is the kind of the film that we call as a template film. The first half consists of scenes that establish the bond between Kalaiyyan and his sister Thanga Meenakshi, while the second half is dominated with a series of action blocks. Director Siva's strength is in creating emotional scenes out of thin air and it is these scenes that save the film apart from the superstar's unparalleled charisma and brilliant acting. His antics and acting in the first half are enjoyable, and the scenes alongside Prakash Raj are the pick of the lot. (more)

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