World Famous Lover (U)
14/Feb/2020 Romance, Drama 2hrs 36mins

World Famous Lover

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Another Vijay Devarakonda Film Where Women Survives His Abusive Behaviou

World Famous Lover in a way is a cleverly packed anthology. The different episodes of love stories are packed as different stories that the protagonist Gautham attempts to write. There is one in coal mines. There is one in a middle-class house! There is one in Paris. The prime narrative that runs through all this is the portion involving how Yamini came into Gautham's life.(more)

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Stellar performances from Vijay, Aishwarya and Raashi make 'World Famous Lover' a worthy watch.

What the film tries to do is commendable, and the effort is seen on screen. It had a lot of potentials that could have been treated better to give us a much better product. Overall, World Famous Lover can be tried for the good performances of it's lead actors.(more)

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A tiresome film built on an unconvincing premise

As for the cheesy title of the film, it's tough to discuss it without throwing in a spoiler. So we'll let that be.(more)



A never-ending sobfest that fails to strike a chord

This is a love story where you don't root for the two protagonists to end up together. The film starts and ends with tears and that's the only thing you relate to � but for all the wrong reasons.(more)

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Vijay Deverakonda film is about messy relationships, Arjun Reddy hangover is unmistakable

Arjun Reddy worked to some extent because it was the story of a jilted lover which was portrayed as realistically as possible. World Famous Lover turns the realism into a sobfest and it gets unimaginably boring when the story shifts to Paris. In spite of overall great performances, the film falls flat and there's nothing anyone can do about it.(more)

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Vijay Deverakonda Is Still In The Arjun Reddy Universe But With Consequences & Strong Voiced Women This Time

World Famous Lover is a continuation of the 'protagonist in anger and ready to destroy the world genre', that has already created a huge debate. Watch it if you endorse Vijay's last to 'romantic' films. If you don't, you have no reason to spend on this one. Also, Vijay fans will be watching him romance for the last time until he does it next after the break.(more)

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Slow romance

World Famous Lover has a very interesting premise but the narration is dull in the second half. The movie boasts of some great performances as Aishwarya Rajesh's track with Vijay is endearing and evokes good moments in the first half. Box office wise, things will be a bit difficult for the film as it has a serious theme and will be only liked by those who love dark romantic dramas.(more)

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Technically brilliant with some great acting but emotionally overwhelming and draining!

The reason behind the stories within the story is self-explanatory and Vijay Deverakonda giving a detailed explanation is only a waste of time. The stories within the story concept only distracts the audience and a better screenplay packaging is needed(more)

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The Cast Shines But That Does Little To Salvage This Badly Executed Film, Starring Vijay Deverakonda

The first half of the film is highly promising, and the transitions from story to story happen organically.(more)

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