Jagame Thandhiram (Netflix)
18/Jun/2021 Action, Drama 2 Hrs 37 Mins

Jagame Thandhiram

Critics Review


This marriage of quirkiness, formula and messaging doesn't really come together!

Suruli is a close cousin to Maari and Dhanush has a gala time playing to the gallery. Unfortunately, the present situation would mean that our drawing room is the gallery. The humour works and though we aren't really sucked into the film, the initial half of Jagame Thandhiram is a reasonably entertaining affair. The twists don't really take you by surprise and the film does travel along expected lines but Karthik Subbaraj is in control, well, at least up to a point. It is when the film wants to get serious and speaks about very important issues, that it starts falling apart.(more)

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Dhanush is a one-man army in new Netflix gangster thriller

The film could have been an enjoyable gangster thriller, but it takes a totally different route in the second half. When there are so many messages cramped into a film, which is primarily a gangster thriller, it dilutes the impact.(more)

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Dhanush and Karthik Subbaraj's new film is a chore to sit through

Karthik Subbaraj tried to pull a Kabali with Dhanush but he disappoints big time with his new film, out on Netflix India.(more)

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Dhanush, Karthik Subbaraj film is just about serviceable

Dhanush in veshti strides across sleety England streets in slo-mo, doing Rajini but wisely keeping it low key, channelling the street - smart, lovable scamp he specialises (more)

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Jagame Thandhiram is quirky but underwhelming

Karthik Subbaraj uses the struggle of Eelam Tamils to add depth, but somehow, the attempt doesn't make the scenes moving. We get many lines that talk about immigrants and their plight, what displacement does to people, how richer nations like the US and the UK have a cause to keep wars going in the smaller nations, and how they brand those who oppose their ideology as terrorists. But they feel out of place in a film that repeatedly chooses coolth over gravitas.(more)

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A Must Watch Only For Dhanush Fans

Packed with action and dark humour, the thriller throws some mean punches. Not all of them land right. Certainly not the "war between ideologies" turn that Jagame Thandhiram takes after a lot of blood has been spilled. This is one twist too many for an over-stirred concoction already bursting at the seams and struggling to keep all the splinters together. (more)

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Dhanush is entertaining in a gangster film that falters

You feel like you've been playing an extended video game rather than watching a cogent film. Subbaraj likes to squeeze some messaging into his films, but this tendency is his Achilles' heel. The karutthu looks out of place when most of the film has no moral compass.(more)

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Too frivolous to be serious, too serious to be fun

I'm convinced that Jagame Thandhiram is Karthik Subbaraj's weakest film yet, but it's still a Karthik Subbaraj film. And so, you do get treated to some lovely flourishes of filmmaking, aided by Santhosh Narayanan's eclectic music. Watch a kidnapping scene get brilliantly executed in a series of quick shots of various characters speaking in one-liners. (more)

Source: Sudhir Srinivasan, CinemaExpress.com