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No one seems human in Akshay Kumar's part-panegyric, part-misguided feminist epic

Based on poem Prithviraj Raso by the king's loyal Chand Bardai (played by Sonu Sood in the film), Samrat Prithviraj often crosses over to panegyric, bhajan territory rather than stay believable as a story of a brave but still 'human' king. There is nothing more distancing than a man who is already a...(more)

Source: Soumya Srivastava, Hindustan Times


SAMRAT PRITHVIRAJ is an inspiring and entertaining saga of one of the greatest kings of Indian history.

SAMRAT PRITHVIRAJ starts on an intriguing note. The entry of Akshay Kumar will leave you stunned. The first battle of Tarain is clapworthy. The film then drops and picks up beautifully during the intermission point. In the second half, the sequence where Prithviraj Chauhan asks Sanyogita to sit next...(more)

Source: Bollywoodhungama, Bollywood Hungama


Disappointing Akshay Kumar stars in dreary period piece

No Chand Bardai can save this Prithvirajl he will require political bandmasters to extol its mediocrity for some time.(more)

Source: Anuj Kumar, The Hindu


Akshay Kumar's period piece is loud, lurid and colourful

Not only does Prithviraj�s bravery makes him a combination of Bhishma and Bheem (in the words of the always-adoring Bardai), he is made into an early feminist, spouting inadvertently funny lines in support of women generally, and specifically his Sanyogita, whom he encourages to share his throne and...(more)

Source: ShubhraGupta, Indian Express

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