Gunjan Saxena (Netflix)
13/Aug/2020 Biography, Drama

Gunjan Saxena

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A heartwarming coming of age story that hits all the right notes

The film is grounded throughout and as said earlier, the vulnerabilities of Gunjan make her more endearing. While she is passionate and has her strong points, she is never portrayed as invincible at any point. The episodes at the training camp, where she is the underdog and has to put up with colleagues and mentors who aren't comfortable with a female presence, in what has erstwhile been a male territory, make for some compelling viewing. We don't really know how much of this is creative liberty and whether the makers are playing to the gallery but these scenes work and even if you might feel that there could be exaggeration, there isn't the loudness in tone to put you off and the actors playing these parts are terrific. (more)

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Janhvi Kapoor and Pankaj Tripathi Create Engrossing Drama

Pankaj Tripathi has hardly been this restrained lately, and he is a delight to watch. His presence lights up the screen even if he is not saying anything. (more)

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A deeply moving tale of a feminist father and his feisty daughter

Provocative and gripping, Sharma may not have extensive source material at hand but within two hours, he shows you exactly what he sets out to. He admires the grit and quiet determination of Gunjan, a national hero, without necessarily worshipping her. He retains what makes her human and that is this biographical drama's biggest achievement.(more)

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Janhvi Kapoor movie doesn't soar

Janhvi Kapoor does get better as she goes along, but performance-wise, she is still clearly a work-in-progress. She was excellent in her small part in Ghost Stories, and going by that, I was expecting more. (more)

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Spry Biopic Flies Light With Passably Steady Janhvi Kapoor

The Kargil Girl spares us the spectacle of ungainly chest-thumping. What it gives us instead, and without too much showy flapping of the wings, is a good old touching tale of a girl who dared to break free from her cage and fly away - a heroine we can cheer without resorting to a blood-curdling war cry.(more)

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Deeply moving account of a remarkable woman's heartbreaks and soaring triumph

Gunjan Saxena never once veers away from its intent to recount an individual's personal story, staying determinedly intimate even in war scenes. (more)

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Janhvi Kapoor film shows how men can be bullies or allies

Gunjan Saxena makes you uncomfortable, but if you're a woman, chances are you've already felt it when you've found yourself in male-dominated spaces. And to make this unique story relatable is an achievement of the film. (more)

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A well-narrated tale of a female war hero of India

Janhvi Kapoor delivers a fine performance and one can sense that she has given her best, physically and emotionally, to the film. But she doesn't have a range of expressions which would have elevated her performance and also the film. On the positive, she is great in the scenes where she fails to reach the tarmac on time or the scene where she confronts Dileep Singh(more)

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