Miss India

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Miss India
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A template mass hero(ine) film that is too simplistic!

Miss India does have its share of misses and is watchable at best. But to be honest, it is only as good or bad as our run of the mill mass hero films. And without all those flab and hero glorification and political punches, this one is certainly an easier watch and Keerthy Suresh keeps it afloat!(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


Keerthy Suresh's paean to tea is a colossal disappointment

With its constant reminders about the goodness of tea, Miss India feels like a two hour advertisement for chai. But one is not sure about the messaging because by the time it draws to a clumsy end, you feel the need for a much stronger beverage. (more)

Source: Sowmya Rajendran, The News Minute


Lacks basic emotions

Miss India is a film that has a decent story and set up on paper. But it is the execution that falters. The film lacks basic emotions, engaging conflict points, and upon this, the narration is jaded and has no depth in it. Keerthy Suresh tries hard to hold the film with her grace but weak writing pl...(more)

Source: Editorial Board, 123telugu.com


Keerthy Suresh's film on Netflix India is astoundingly bland

Extolling the virtues of Indian chai is one thing, but in that process, Miss India does not quite humanise the story, and even when it does, it does not capitalise on that. It is too confused about what it wants to say or rather, serve. (more)

Source: Hemanth Kumar, Firstpost.com


Keerthy Suresh film is a silly rags-to-riches tale

Miss India is a pointless story of a middle-class woman who builds an empire in the US with her special chai. As Keerthy says, 'Coffee is not her cup of tea.' But to be honest, this chai isn't our cup of tea either.(more)

Source: Janani , India Today


Keerthy Suresh movie is as dull as ditchwater

Keerthy Suresh, excellent in Mahanati, proved that she was able to carry a film on her slender shoulders. But here she's saddled with a dull-as-ditchwater story-line, rendered more so by the dull direction. (more)

Source: Subhra Gupta, Indian Express

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