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A Passable Horror Comedy That Interests In Patches!

The choice of casting, though not very different for a horror comedy flick, is an interesting one. Tamannaah´┐Żs screen presence in her limited time is good. The one-liners by the comedy team of Kaali Venkat, Munishkanth and Sathyan do a good job. But it is TSK who shines with his mimicry in the second half. His Suriya voice is a steal and it will keep the audience entertained. Yogi Babu does well in his couple of scenes as usual and there are a few other comedy actors who help the purpose of this genre. (more)

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The wafer-thin plot of the movie, which has ineffective emotional scenes, is saved to an extent because of the comic sequences.

Though the film starts off as a promising one, it loses the steam quite early, but manages to entertain after a point bit it takes a little time to do so. If at all the film works to a certain extent, the credit should go to the quartet, which includes Munishkanth, Sathyan, Kaali Venkat and TSK.(more)

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Tamannaah's horror-comedy offers only sporadic laughs

Petromax also ends on an emotional note. However, the emotional impact Rohin tried to create was not as effective as it should have been. You end up taking the film not-so-seriously and when the emotional sequences hit you, you just stare at the scene, straight-faced. (more)

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A silly, outdated horror comedy

A Tamil remake of Anando Brahma, Petromax wants to be an entertaining horror-comedy but ends up being an outdated mess of a film. Instead of focusing on its core plot points or characters, it prefers to delve into flashbacks most of them weak and tells the backstories of characters who have no link with the core line. (more)

Source: Srinivasa Ramanujam, The Hindu


Petromax has an entertaining second half, but doesn't lend a fulfilling experience!

The film doesn't offer anything fresh as such for the viewer. The first half is majorly boring with no interesting comic portions working in the favour of the film. The separate flashbacks for each of the four characters (Munishkanth, Kaali Venkat, Sathyan, TSK) don't hold the audience's engagement. These mentioned sequences are silly and uninteresting and one would also wonder why so much of screentime and space is given for their flashbacks. A few jump scares lend the intended impact, but it majorly gets played in the expected places, bringing down the excitement. (more)

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A 'horror-comedy' of errors

Petromax seems to be confused about its popular perception as a horror-comedy. The so-called 'situational comedy tracks' fail to blend with the plot. The result: an absolute mess. For something that's being billed a horror-comedy, there's very little horror or comedy. Directors, in general, write scripts having characters in mind. But, in Petromax, the characters conveniently behave at their will.(more)

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Tamannaah is reduced to cliches and sidelines in this average horror comedy

The film, a little over two hours, is stretched in the second half, which leaves you exhausted. Among other things, Ghibran's background score and Danny Raymond's camera are the plus points. On the whole, Petromax is more of a time pass comedy caper than a horror film.(more)

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Same old, tried-and-tested horror-comedy

Petromax is superbly done thanks to Ghibran's music and the numerous effects. The cinematography by Dani Raymond is good enough, while the edit pattern works well. Director, Rohin Venkatesan maintains the heart of the original, to churn out a moderately entertaining film. (more)

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The entertaining humour in the second half makes 'Petromax' enjoyable.

Though the climactic stretch is packed with a neat twist, the portion ends up being inconsistent with the lighter tone of the film. Petromax works marvelously well when the film parodies itself and the tropes associated with its genre. The narrative could have had more moments of foreshadowing that lead us to the denouement.(more)

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