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An ordinary attempt at a multi-genre commercial film from the team

Santhanam's Dagaalty is director Vijay Anand's attempt to entertain audiences with a partially serious picture with a splash of humour in multiple scenes. The effort is definitely evident as the film does have some sort of storyline that tries to move things forward but the packaging and execution are not upto the mark. The makers have tried too hard to accomplish and touch upon alot of genres, but fail to impress in most of them. In the end, we are left with a few laughs here and there and nothing more.(more)

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Tests our patience and is a tiring watch

The antagonist played by Tarun Arora is a joke, to say the least. The far-stretched comedy sequence, involving Yogi Babu and Brahmanandam in the pre-climax portion, is just okayish. The two songs that appear are purposeless in this film filled with clichi's. Barring cinematography and chemistry between Santhanam and Yogi Babu, Dagaalty is a tiring watch.(more)

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Dackalty could have entertained better like the last 15 mins laugh riot sequence.

Barring that theres nothing much offered to us. Dackalty had the potential to become a highly entertaining comedy film, but might disappointment fans.(more)

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Clich�d bore

Despite the wafer thin plot, Dagaalty could have been a passable action film. Stunt Silva's action choreography is believably menacing to buy Santhanam as an action hero. But the problem is with Vijay Anand also wanting Dagaalty to be a screwball comedy at some level. Brahmanandam's addition as China Madhan is an example. Consequently, the film goes for a toss.(more)

Source: Pradeep Kumar, The Hindu


Santhanam's comedian-turned-actor stint cannot salvage this illogical, unfunny mess

The only redeeming factor is some scenes between Santhanam and the current favourite comedian Yogi Babu, which provides a few laughs. Normally a Santhanam film is a time-pass affair but the not-so-funny Dagaalty will leave you exhausted, even though it has run time of only 2 hours.(more)

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An illogical and dull action drama that couldn't be saved even by Santhanam!

A few interesting moments which highlight the movie, can decide the fate of such comedy crime dramas. The director - Vijay Anand, was conscious enough to infuse many such moments but sadly none of them actually make an impact and that is what goes against the film.(more)

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Santhanam film is unbearable

Apart from the cinematography and editing, there's nothing to root for in Dagaalty. It's a colossal failure on all fronts.(more)

Source: Janani, India Today


Santhanam Stars In A Dull Film That Can't Decide How To Showcase Its Leading Man

Does Santhanam want his own vehicle or is he content referencing the films of other, bigger stars? The lack of clarity is painful.(more)



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