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Quite Earnest With Some Heroine Glorification!

The comedy involving Sathyan is a bit silly. The film could have also been a little crisper and it does get a bit draggy towards the end. But it does speak about many pertinent issues and the tone of the film affirms the earnestness of its makers. While there are cliches the film also keeps surprising by avoiding a few. The father daughter bonding leaves an impact despite very few scenes and even here there is absolutely no melodrama.(more)

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Jyotika's performance as the dutiful teacher is the prime saving grace of this preachy film.

A story which deals with realistic issues requires a grounded protagonist, but here, the character reminds us of a mass hero, at least in some scenes, which is a put off. The weak antagonist and forced emotions are also a letdown. A few problems pertaining to the prevailing education system have been touched upon, which is a commendable thing. But all those would have had a much better impact if the screenplay and characters were more gripping.(more)

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Jyothika is the saving grace of this dreary film

Jyothika's Raatchasi is a film that touches upon pressing issues that are plaguing government schools. Along with being predictable, the film lacks a strong screenplay to hold everyone's attention. Raatchasi is a one-time watch.(more)

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Raatchasi is watchable for the numerous social messages and Jyotika's performance!

Raatchasi isn't as preachy as it sounds. There are good moments that genuinely make you smile. A second-grade kid named Kathir draws a rough sketch of Geetha Rani and presents it to her. Such pearl like moments are very few in number and they don't sustain for a long time. The film could have been way better if the story was treated well and the screenplay was more engaging.(more)

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A well-intentioned drama that can't decide if it's a social-message film or a masala flick

Raatchasi is well-intentioned no doubt - films like these are constant reminders of the need to upgrade our government schools - but it needs more finesse, more heart.(more)



Jyothika's screen presence makes this predictable film watchable

Raatchasi skims through issues plaguing the education system and offers a one-woman army as the solution. It lacks a solid screenplay but is enjoyable thanks to the screen presence of Jyothika.(more)

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Topical message, sharp dialogues and an earnest Jyotika

Raatchasi works mainly because of Jyotika, as her performance is solid and sincere. She is in there in every frame and is in superb form. She has even put on a little weight to look convincing as a teacher. Though it takes some time to sync with her character, slowly she grabs our attention and makes us travel along with her. (more)

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This well-intentioned Jyotika film is tedious and preachy

There are bits I liked in the film though. I enjoyed that director Gowthamraj resists opportunities to mass-ify the film more. The villain, for instance, is reasonably humanised. There are some nifty touches too, like that final dialogue by the auto driver. I also liked that something as small and seemingly insignificant as a phone call is all it takes to rectify a big problem for Geetharani. But these are only small crests in a film that is, for the most part, devoid of them. Again, the film is well-intentioned, but really, it's time for us to begin saying loudly that alone isn't enough.(more)



A preachy, predictable premise is rescued by Jyotika

Raatchasi could have been a better film if the director understood the screenplay and characters were as important as 'messages'. I would have liked the film more if Jyotika was portrayed as an ordinary person with flaws, instead of a superwoman with extraordinary dreams. It is 'that' ordinariness of the character which resonates with the audience always. Films need not be preachy or have a message. It's enough if filmmakers are honest in their intent and creative in their expression.(more)

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Jyothika Can't Help This Poorly Executed Film

In Raatchasi, Gowthamraj is simply in awe of his superwoman, and, worse, he makes no effort to hide it. And Jyotika ends up as a one-woman army out to redress all that is wrong with our education system!(more)

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Jyotika starrer is well-intentioned, relevant but not hard-hitting

Raatchasi is a film you wish you could wholeheartedly embrace, but it ends up being an effort you want to merely discuss and not rave about.(more)

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Jyotika Lectures Her Way Through A Patience-Testing Drama On Education

It's great that Jyotika is cherry-picking projects that indulge in a fair bit of "heroine worship". But she really needs better scripts.(more)



Jyotika Draws On Populist Sentiments In A Film That's All Over The Place

It makes for the kind of populist cinema that's usually reverse-engineered. One that relies heavily on instant gratification, the victorious ending often written first. But then, it is not often that an actress oozes raw power on screen, tackling burly goons one after another, and still emerges all put-together, not a sari pleat out of place. It may not appeal to the rational senses, of course (the higher authority that the film invokes for grievance redressal is the central government), but given a choice between the millions of films headlined by heroes often made to look larger than life � and reality � on screen, and one like Raatchasi that's earnest in its effort to address a few things of choice and make a point (and cinema) while at it, there's no contest, really.(more)

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