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July Kaatril
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A Modern Day Urban Romance That Is Relevant!

July Kaatril might not be a fascinating film. But it certainly is a worthy film that says a lot of important things about present day relationships in the most unassuming manner possible.(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


A breezy take on love, lost in translation

The main issue with July Kaatril is that the leads of the story fall in love and breakup just like that, leaving no space for the audience to connect emotionally with any of them. Adding to that, the predictability and repetitive sequences from multiple perspectives doesn't help the screenplay and l...(more)

Source: IndiaGlitz , IndiaGlitz.com


The various romantic relationships lack the required energy and one feels exhausted after a certain point.

Working a bit more on the protagonist's characterisation would have helped the movie in a better way.(more)

Source: Thinkal Menon, Times Of India


A sensitive but long exploration of urban love

The refreshingly perceptive writing of the film pragmatically portrays how the current generation is finding our feet in the relationship arena(more)

Source: Ashameera Aiyappan , CinemaExpress.com


July Kaatril could have shone better if everything else about the movie was as progressive as its writing.

The main problem for the film is its length. The first half, in itself, seemed lengthy but if you think since the characters have been well established and hence the second half will be shorter, you will be wrong. The moving on chapter was so good and elevated the movie to a whole new level until a ...(more)

Source: Behindwoods Review Board, Behindwoods.com

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