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Though preachy, Cheran's Thirumanam is a watchable family drama with a thoughtful message.

We might think the movie has too many messages which might make it feel like the director has played for the gallery, but every message seems relevant, thoughtful and relatable. Something that no other movie has talked about in length. For that and many other noticeable things around the marriage ex...(more)

Source: Behindwoods Review Board, Behindwoods.com


A boring story caught in a time warp

Thirumanam could have easily been a Kalyana Samayal Saadham, but Cheran lets you down with a predictable and outdated script. No amount of lengthy dialogues can make up for the lack of meat in the story. Alas, he thinks dialogue heavy-movie is good cinema. Maybe, Cheran is still not over the Autogra...(more)

Source: subhakeerthana, Indian Express


Thirumanam Review

Though the message which was intended to convey is appreciable, the clumsy making style and a couple of songs that appear in the later half spoils the film from becoming an engaging family entertainer.(more)

Source: Thinkal Menon, Times Of India


an outdated family drama

It's hard to believe that the filmmaker who gave us Autograph, a collection of memories put together well, has come up with Thirumanam which feels like watching a lengthy 'pattimandram' on the topic: Should weddings be grand or not?(more)



An Outdated "Message Movie" About The Circus Around Weddings

Everything feels horribly fake, because we also get the Sivaji Ganesan-era scene where Mahesh receives a message from Aadhira and his heart soars and we cut to a flock of birds taking flight. We get characters mumbling "Indha driver yean innum kaanom!"-type lines, so we know what they are thinking. ...(more)

Source: BARADWAJ RANGAN, Filmcompanion.in


Preachy and tiresome

To conclude, Cheran's idea of telling the society on the adverse effects of big fat wedding is laudable but the final product is not only preachy but whacks you on the head with its message.(more)

Source: Moviebuzz, Sify.com

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