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Jainul Abdulwahab

Pshyco- Half backed by myskin. Highly talented mysikin steps down in Pshyco. The movie name itself says that story based on pshyco sure it will be serial killer. in trailer we come to know udhayanidhi acted as blind. Now come to the movie in main scene itself a big loop hole and logical mistake , A big drop in that point, Forgot that loop hole and move forward a fair first half, regular myskin style good camera, wonderful music by ilayaraja .. Proper and perfect interval block.. second half started well, Every myskin movie the motive will be very strong, in this motive is very thin line and its not showcased properly, myskin tried in new way but it not convincing, Over all one time watch (more)


Lewin Sam

I think this film has an ability to nominate in oscars ,re-recording was awesome.. Kollywood to the next level.. Support this masterpiece..#psycho (more)