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A Neat And Focused Remake That Does The Job!

Ayogya is a job well done by Venkat Mohan. He sticks to the basics and delivers an engaging outing.(more)

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An unexpected good climax makes Ayogya standout a notch high

Ayogya is a good entertainer that comes with a strong motive and good message for society. Its take on actions against rapists and the interesting clash between Karnan and Kalirajan make Ayogya a good entertaining watch.(more)

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Ayogya is more or less the same as its original version, including the characterisations and locations, except for the unexpected climax.

The fight sequences are interestingly shot while the music is okayish. The big plus for the film is its time of release as it helps audience relate to the film because of the real-life events. The uncompromising climax, too, is likely to go down well with viewers. It conveys the message without being preachy and underlines the importance of court giving their verdict immediately for sensitive cases. (more)

Source: Thinkal Menon, Times Of India


This rape-revenge drama is loud, but briefly entertaining

The film will work for the audiences who haven't seen the original. Even if you have watched 'Temper', the last twenty minutes of Ayogya will leave an impact on you(more)

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For the hero, by the hero, and of the hero

Ayogya works because it is a true copy of an already successful template.(more)

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Vishal-Raashi Kanna's action potboiler is saved by its stunning climax

Through Ayogya, Vishal and co send out a strong message and offer a solution to recurring incidents of rape in the country. They also point out that the court should speed up such cases and give a verdict as early as possible. Ayogya is hard-hitting action drama that comes out with a powerful and timely message.(more)

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This Vishal-starrer is a largely faithful remake that is saved by its climax

Ayogya is the latest film to talk of sexual violence against women; emotional dialogues are spoken about the trials and tribulations that women face. While it may mean well, none of these films tackle the root cause for such crimes. (more)

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This loud remake is flawed, but the core works

Ayogya would have worked if the makers had put in more thought on why they were remaking the earlier film in the first place. If that had happened, the film wouldn�t have a needless item number and don't ask me if item numbers are ever needful. Sigh.(more)

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This Vishal starrer is a faithful but problematic remake of Temper

Ayogya is neither good nor bad. It takes the middle ground and ends up as a predictable, run-of-the-mill action thriller with some highs and lows.(more)

Source: Karthik Kumar, Hindustan Times


The Vishal Starrer Offers What It Promised And That Too In An Impressive Way!

Ayogya has definitely found a place in the list of the remakes that has done justice to the original. However, Ayogya has some difference from Temper, which has also worked in favour of the movie.(more)

Source: Manu, One India


Vishal Fails To Nail It In An Overlong, Disloyal 'Temper' Remake

Ayogya is otherwise disturbingly similar to its Telugu original. But that's until the last act. Why on earth would a film like this take such a melodramatic turn, that too when the first half exists in a fun, over-the-top universe? The songs and where they are placed don't help either. The use of sexual assault and real-life crimes make the film even more problematic. But that's ok because we've already switched off by then.(more)



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