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Aadhi Bhagavan
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Traces of Brilliance lost in Bloodbath

Aadhi Bhagavan is possibly a golden opportunity lost. The film has some genuine surprises and a smarter packaging could have done wonders. It is certainly not up to the level of Ameer's earlier films. Watch it for Jayam Ravi's sheer hard work. >> more

by - MovieCrow on 22/Feb/2013

Rating (2.5/5)


The movie has a manic streak and if you have the stomach for raw action movies, check out Bhagavan.

After 6 years we have an Ameer directed movie and though this movie is in stark contrast to his earlier movies thanks to its commercial intentions, it is still worth a trip to the theaters thanks to Jayam Ravi�s versatility and the action set pieces in the movie.

by - Behindwoods.com

Rating (3/5)

Aadhi Bhagavan is too violent

The film may not appeal to all audience as there is way too much of violence and every second scene is a fight scene. There are no heroes in Ameerin Aadhi Bhagavan only villains.

by - Rediff.com

Rating (3/5)

Aadhi Bhagavan should not be missed!

The strength of the story is undoubtedly the curiosity of twists and turns in story in Aadhi Bhagavan. The director has narrated a brilliant story without much errors. Though there are mistakes at many places, it did not affect the film to a large extent.

by - One India

Rating (3.5/5)

Ameer has completely lost his way in an attempt to make a commercial entertainer.

Ravi looks the part of a sophisticated gangster, suits and all, but has limited scope for performance, with the director confused about what he wants him to do. Neetu Chandra comes out slightly better as her character has various shades. Sudha Chandran, Saiju Kurup and Babu Antony have glorified gue...

by - Times Of India

Rating (1/5)

Aadhi Bhagavan is not great cinema but it's got many moments that will surprise you.

On the downside, Aadhi Bhagavan is unapologetically long, tiring and predictable in the first half and some serious trimming will help. The songs of Yuvan are nothing to write about but background score make up for it. There are couple of loose ends, which we didn't expect from a seasoned director like Ameer.

by - Sify.com

Rating (2.5/5)

Brain drain

A contrast to Bhagavan, Aadhi is a nincompoop almost � all brawn and no brain! At the airport it appears as though he�s seen through his partner�s act, yet he allows himself to be a sitting duck! A bait is being dangled right under his nose, but Aadhi is oblivious to it! Exasperating! Aren�t underworld dons supposed to be perceptive and sensible?

by - The Hindu

Rating (2/5)