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Responds To The Desperate Call For A High-Potential Action Thriller Only In Its Last Quarter!

A sub-ordinary crime thriller for Atharvaa making it to the long list of such similar action based, crime drama films. 100 has all the intent but lacks for execution and engagement.(more)

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100 is an ambitious cop film with a not-so-bad story and almost convincing protagonist, but is marred by a far-stretched screenplay

The action scenes are okayish but the music is unnecessarily loud in many scenes. Though a slew of relevant topics like women trafficking, parenting, use of drugs, etc, have been included in the movie, a tight screenplay would have helped the film hit the right emotional chords.(more)

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A watchable cop action entertainer

Had Sam Anton treated the film as a realistic cop action thriller without over the top stunts and heroism, it would've worked better. As Atharvaa is yet to reach the mass hero status, we are unable to digest the unrealistic stunts. Nevertheless, the actor looks super fit and has given his best.(more)

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A Shoddy Cop Vigilante Movie That's Old Wine In An Older Bottle

In Sam Anton's 100 (the police helpline) the director brings up the Nungambakkam Railway Station case, Nirbhaya, Dhashwanth, Pollachi and more to make us relate to the story of yet-another vigilante policeman played by a barely effective Atharvaa. Even his name, Sathya, is option 1 in the baby-name book for future Tamil film cops.(more)



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A passable thriller with a laughable twist

100 has good ideas that needed better writing. For instance, packets of drugs are casually stuffed inside a cell phone box and delivered like an online order. The plot begins to heat up when a schoolgirl gets brutally murdered - something similar to the Swathi murder case. When Sathya receives his 100th call, from the same girl who was reported to be dead, he smells a network behind the kidnappings. But the film loses its audience when the director tries to stitch together the plausibility of events, with an absurd twist.(more)

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A formulaic cop thriller with over the top action sequences, unnecessary heroism

The first half of the film is just a built up for a long-drawn-out climax. If Anton had made the film from an engaging script and treated it as a realistic investigative thriller without any over the top heroism, it would have worked.(more)

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Atharvaa's cop debut packs a punch

100 is one of those films that has a solid supporting cast who put up spirited performances. But the inconsistencies in pacing and innumerable subplots put us off at times. While it is okay to have enough double-crosses to put The Departed to shame, the cramping of all these details in the last act proves to be a dampener. It would have been gold if the final reveal of 100 gave you enough time to gasp, sidestep the red herrings, and gasp again as the hero vanquishes the villain. Here, it is more like a call trace here, a GPS tracker there, and boom... the villain reveal.(more)

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Atharvaa fails to hit a 100 in this tried-and-tested formula film

Sam Anton takes too many cinematic liberties with 100, giving us an unrealistic twist that one can�t easily buy. But he does set things up well in the initial scenes. Atharvaa gets a lot of character build-up, which could have been avoided. Radha Ravi plays pistol Prabhakaran, a senior officer, who never had the chance to use his gun. I really found the whole angle unconvincing.(more)

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