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Debutant Rajan Tejeshwar does a decent job

Debutant Rajan Tejeshwar does a decent job. Given his average stature, portraying him as a macho man who takes on dozen goons looks funny (but the story is all about that!). His love episode with Tarushi also lacks the fizz. Chamak Chandra's performance is adequate. Vinodhini, Renuka, Munishkanth in...(more)

Source: Anupama Subramanian , Deccan Chronicle



On the whole, this is the kind of film that one might not mind watching on a day when there is nothing else on TV.(more)

Source: Suganth, Times Of India

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1 “Vittu Thallu” Lalaithanand Jagadesh Listen
2 “Maatikiten” Lalithanand Prabha,Aysha Farheen
3 “Neeya Uyire” Lalithanand Karthik,Chinamyi
4 “Kozhi Mutte” Jeevan Mayil Antony Dasan, Yogi, Saranya Srinivas
5 “Jukebox” Listen