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Confused, disjointed and abrupt.

Officer has camera work which is synonymous with Ram Gopal Varma's films, where every shot is amplified for effect. But with an incoherent screenplay, the effect is hardly felt. The climax is just like the rest of the film - confused, disjointed and abrupt. In a way, that sums up the audience's mind...(more)

Source: Suhas Yellapantula, Times Of India


Even Nagarjuna's no-nonsense approach can't save Ram Gopal Varma's latest film

Officer isn't really an assault on our senses. For all its drawbacks, there's a story worth telling. RGV might have ignored it, but you can go on a wild goose chase to find it with three simple questions - Endhuku? Emiti? Ela? (more)

Source: Hemanth Kumar, Firstpost.com


Vintage RGV mark missing

Officer is a good script gone wrong kind of a film. RGV's story idea is interesting but his narration is not that exciting. Weak villain, not so engaging hero-villain moments and lack of drama hamper the flow of the film. This is not a disaster kind of a film from RGV but the proceedings are not tha...(more)

Source: 123telugu Team, 123telugu.com


RGV Mark Missed

RGV-Nag combination after a long time has been disappointing as RGV has failed to showcase the police story he had sketched . He has failed in giving good dialogues and new look to the story line and Nag has failed to elevate the film but did whatever RGV wanted him to do . Nag fans still wonder how...(more)

Source: Telugumirchi Team, Telugumirchi.com


A violent crime drama with a shallow screenplay and a weak second half

A lot of zoom shots and some weirdly conceived shots did give the film a different tone, but too much of anything could spoil the broth. One feels he got a little carried away with his experimental expedition. Though the songs were strictly average, the BGM worked at places.(more)

Source: Behindwoods Review Board, Behindwoods.com


unimpressive ringside view

Officer also gets voyeuristic where it shows a close shot of the villain with pliers in his hand, threatening to splice off a child's fingers. The camera turns away but we know he�s done it, because of the atmospherics. What were they thinking depicting such a sequence?(more)


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