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An Adult Comedy In Which The Irreverence Works!

90ml is no laughathon but is an adequately entertaining adult comedy that keeps things simple and delivers the goods. While it could have been a whole lot crazier, it is definitely a noteworthy outing with respect to the low bar that adult comedies in Tamil cinema have set.(more)

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90 ml has all the flavours of a 'high' party, but poor mixing lets down on engagement.

In fact, it is divided into portions that define what the characters do. For example, the segment where they go in search of weed is called 'Suga-Baanam'. But we can't really differentiate between the episodes, since they all deal a character lamenting about the lack of an active sexual life, overcoming it. This Oviya starrer somehow could have been a lot better if there was something more than just drinking, smoking and smoking up.(more)

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90ml lacks a proper emotional connect, but it entertains to a certain extent.

Oviya portrays a character who lives life by her own terms. She fits into the role of a bold and daring girl effortlessly. The other girls are just okayish in their performances. Simbu makes a cameo which could have had more impact.(more)

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Relevant but presented in a titillating manner!

While the trailer showcased 90 ML as an adult-only film, the director has tried to convey a lot of issues like alcoholism and drug culture that exists in today's society. On the whole, the film is thin on plot and purpose but it's got many moments that'll surprise you but presented in a titillating manner!(more)

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Oviya's Adult-comedy Fails To Excite

90 ML had the potential to redefine the tenets of Tamil cinema. However, it fails to make an impact as it lacks depth and an emotional connect.(more)

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A senseless adult comedy that makes mockery of feminism

90 ML could've been a very important film about women coming to terms with their sexuality and freedom, but it simply chooses to be a senseless adult comedy.(more)

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A non-judgmental fun ride with some genuine female bonding

Alagiya Asura aka Anita Udeep understands she is not trying to make another Magalir Mattum and keeps the characters flawed yet real. That works to the great advantage of the film.(more)

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Bigg Boss Oviya stars in horribly crass and insensitive film

90 ML starring Bigg Boss Oviya and directed by Anita Udeep, aims to be a woman-centric film that deals with relationship issues. However, there is nothing sensible in 90ML and you can skip it this week, says our review.(more)

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