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A Genuine Attempt That Is True To Its Premise Without Forgoing The Commercial Route

There is a lot of genuine effort in terms of writing and direction and one would accept that there is some research and planning that has gone into the making of Boomerang. If for a few more intense and intelligent moments, the movie would have gripped the watcher even more.(more)

Source: Akash, MovieCrow


The movie's plot is interesting enough to entertain the audience, but the screenplay falters as the story progresses

Atharvaa, as Siva and Sakthi, excels in his roles while Sathish and RJ Balaji are in charge of comedy in the first and second halves respectively. A few one-liners of Balaji works as it syncs well with the scenes. Megha Akash is okay as a short filmmaker and Indhuja does her part convincingly. Upen ...(more)

Source: Thinkal Menon, Times Of India


A well intended film which looks superficial

Boomerang lacks an original script and is inspired from various films. Technically, cinematographer Prasanna S Kumar has done a good job. One person whose work stands out in Boomerang is Radhan. The composer shines in both songs and background score department.(more)

Source: Editorial Board, Sify.com


Boomerang is watchable for its attempt to address an important social issue in an interesting plot.

R.Kannan provokes some really good thoughts, almost creates nice impact but most of it falls short due to improper packaging. The movie explains the problems, fairly inspires you, says what can be done but fails in giving a practical solution. Overall Boomerang gives a good message, is novel, but th...(more)

Source: Editorial board, Behindwoods.com


A predictable social entertainer.

The movie interestingly makes use of the face transplant concept in a commercial template, and the conflict point is presented with a social message based flashback as well. Despite the noble intentions, predictability takes over, and the sequences are rushed in the second half leaving no time for e...(more)

Source: Editorial Board, IndiaGlitz.com


A Drama About A Face Transplant Makes You Wish For A Screenplay Transplant Instead

What promised to be pulpy fun, with the face swap, turns into a dully earnest story about river-linking. If we are going to continue to thrust serious issues into masala narratives, can we at least have better writing and filmmaking? (Boomerang is written and directed by R Kannan.) The moment you he...(more)

Source: Baradwaj Rangan, Filmcompanion.in


A Decent Movie That Can Be Watched For Its Message And Entertainment Values!

The director is a winner in his plot selection. However, the movie gets a bit clich�d as it progresses ahead since there is no surprise element pampering the audience.(more)

Source: Mayur Javali, One India


This subject needs a bigger star

This kind of a subject needs a bigger star - I kept imagining the possibilities of Vijay, Ajith or Suriya in such a storyline. Atharvaa is earnest, but the distractions in what could have been a straight solid storyline are just too many in Boomerang.(more)


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