Tholi Prema (U/A)
10/Feb/2018 Love, Drama 2hrs 16mins

Tholi Prema

Critics Review


Familar terrain but neatly executed

Tholi Prema might not be the torchbearer of romantic films but it works quite well at a superficial level.(more)

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Three Cheers!

Tholi Prema makes a good watch due to the breezy romance and some youthful episodes. It might appeal to the urban audiences and youth.(more)

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Varun Tej, Raashi Khanna starrer is not just a love story, it's an experience

I fell in love with Tholiprema. It's the kind of love story that made me fall in love with the whole genre of romance again. Two big thumbs up for Venky Atluri for his terrific debut and a big thank you for making film that filled me with so much joy.(more)

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Varun Tej, Raashi Khanna starrer is a fairly entertaining romantic drama

Tholi Prema has nothing new to offer. It even borrows its title from Pawan Kalyan's film that came out in 1998. Many times, the filmmakers win half the battle when they get the casting right. Venky has shown a great wisdom in paring Varun and Raashi opposite each other. He has also got the mood, setting, tone, and texture of a feel-good romantic comedy right. Even as he has fully relied on overused plot devices of the romantic comedy genre, Venky makes the film work and keeps us entertained.(more)

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This rom-com is a joy

The narrative is laced with fun thanks to Priyadarshi as Ravi and later Hyper Aadhi in a riotous monologue. The setting seems familiar as the protagonists battle their inner demons against the backdrop of their friends' wedding but it works. Varun Tej and Raashi Khanna deliver the best performances of their career. Raashi gets a good role after years and she revels in it.(more)



Venky Atluri makes a remarkable debut with a fresh and mature love story

Varun and Raashi are like a house on fire. They are terrific in their respective roles, playing their parts convincingly and with maturity. After a long time, it was amazing to see Raashi in a meaningful role and not in one that expects her to merely look glamorous.(more)

Source: Karthik Kumar, Hindustan Times


Feel the first love

Tholi Prema lives up to all the expectations and wins you over. The breezy romance, decent comedy and striking emotions are huge assets for the film. The story of the film is ages old and does not have major twists making it a bit difficult for the masses. But the film will do exceptionally well among the youth, A centers and overseas as the mindset and class narration will impress them completely. Go for it.(more)

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'Tholi Prema' is an easy-breezy ride and purely for the romantic millennials. Give it a chance this weekend, it might just impress you with its big ol' dose of reality. (more)

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Though the plot travels a beaten track, the treatment is sure to lighten up your face

Overall, Tholi Prema is a movie that you will enjoy. Yes, the screenplay does drag along a bit, but still, you could pay that price to watch a well made feel-good romantic film that comes your way once in a while.(more)

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Tholi Prema is a decent watch for this weekend and especially, for the youth and family audiences.

Venky Atluri's writing and direction are the sure big pull for the flick. With better opportunities and self-nurturing sessions, Venky has great potential in earning a bigger name in the industry. His dialogues are one good thing which holds the attention of the audience.(more)

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