Naa Nuvve (U)
14/Jun/2018 Romance, Love

Naa Nuvve

Critics Review


'Naa Nuvve' fails at making you care neither about the characters nor their journey.

The only element that saves this film is Tamannaah looking cute as a button while trying her best to essay the role of Meera. Kalyan Ram too looks good enough in his reinvented avatar, playing the yin to Meera's yang with perfection. Understated and casual, this film brings out a whole new side of him. If only the film had a passionate screenplay! (more)

Source: Neeshita Nyayapati, Times Of India


Bad Destiny

"Naa Nuvve" has nothing to offer for youngsters, neither for matured audiences. It is a dismal show. Tamannah does a radio show that promises more love and more magic. But the film neither has interesting love nor has magical moments.(more)

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The silliness of Tamannaah, Nandamuri Kalyanram film is no coincidence

The only take away from Naa Nuvve is Priyadarshi's cameo; his comic turn is the only distraction from the sloppy writing.(more)

Source: priyanka Sundar, Hindustan Times


Tamannaah-Kalyan Ram's film is a tiresome watch

Naa Nuvve is the result of shoddy writing and the effect of over-imagination stuffed into a stale concept.(more)

Source: Janani, India Today


hinged on destiny

For all that talk of destiny and the question 'what if?', I ended up wondering 'what if they had a better storyline? Wouldn't it have been worth the effort?'(more)



Just for few moments

Naa Nuvve is a routine romantic drama which gets distracted by some wayward execution. Things could have been good but lack of grip in the narration makes things outdated. However, the positive outcomes of the film is Kalyan Ram's decent makeover and Tamannah's screen presence which makes things interesting at times. If you are the one who likes love stories and is okay with the slow pace of the film, you can give this movie a shot. But for the rest, things can get quite tedious.(more)

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Tamannaah and Kalyanram in an uninspiring, bland film that tests your patience

Na Nuvve is a disappointment in every sense and there are no two ways about it. There's infact a moral in the story: "(sic) Destiny is like Credit card. It's there behind every single thing in our lives." The moment you see how much you've to pay, it turns out to be a heavy price.(more)

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