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Quite an "awe"some attempt

Prasanth Varma comes up with an impressive debut film, a film with a heart and one that is a potential game changer of sorts. If you like to watch experimental yet interesting fare, do give this one a try for sure.(more)

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'Awe' will not disappoint you. Also, keep an eye out for Easter Eggs that will help you connect the dots because that�s what makes the film all the more interesting.(more)

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AWE � Hatke Attempt

Awe is one such experiment that throws normal movie making out of the window. The movie runs on different genres and will clearly not go well with the B and C center audience. Concept-based films are the need of the hour in Tollywood and this film is for those who complain Tollywood does not make hatke movies. If a really different and unique film is all you want to see, Awe is the one to watch out for this weekend.(more)

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Shocks the Audience

"Awe" is a different attempt. This may seem �appealing� to some section of audiences, but it doesn't entice the general audiences at all. (more)

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Creativity eclipses

Nani's name attracted fans to the theatres but failed to see him and also confused with the theme .But his background voice has saved the day and market for him. Though Naius career as a producer is a big question mark, the film Aa! has eclipsed the creativity in the industry .(more)

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Prasanth Varma's genre-bender pushes the envelope, but doesn't quite hit the mark

Awe! faces a similar issue although it ends on a high note. To its credit, it is a one-of-its kind film, which is a rarity in Telugu cinema; and for that alone, Prasanth Varma and rest of the team deserve a pat on the back. But the question is - will you overlook everything it does not get right because it has a great ending or will you judge it like any other film? The moment you figure out an answer, you will know whether Awe! is 'Awesome' or 'Awful'. The truth lies somewhere in between.(more)

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moments of awesomeness

Awe has its moments of awesomeness. The format is interesting and so is the treatment of the different segments. But, it is wow enough? It could have been, had the coming together of the segments been even more seamless. The magician part, in particular, felt out of sync.(more)