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Once there lived.. a great actress!

The film is two and half hours long. There are issues in balancing the vignettes of screenplay. The initial comedies around Savithri's childhood and her early auditioning days in Madras runs way too long for a film that's much more than that. But.. As it proceeds.. more than as an actress extraordinaire, as a star from beyond the silver clouds, as a compassionate human being, we are left wondered forever with a woman who is so selfless in her love for a man! A Devdas she is, who gives all that she can for a love that's always a bit away for her!(more)

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Artistic tribute to Savitri

Mahanati is a fitting tribute to the legendary actress Savitri. The rise and downfall of Telugu cinema�s most famous actress have been shown in a very effective manner. Keerty Suresh leads from the front and pours life into the character of Savitri making things quite interesting. As the film is a biopic genre, there is a lot of drama and things get narrated in a slow pace and this might not go well with every section of the audience who do not know much about Savitri. If you ignore this aspect, Mahanati moves you emotionally in many areas and is a film which should not be missed as biopics like these are rarely made in Telugu cinema.(more)

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To call 'Mahanati' a celebration of Savitri's life would be an understatement, you empathise and fall head over heels in love with the protagonist

Watching �Mahanati� is an experience one won�t forget soon as it will make you walk away with a heavy heart, mourning for a great artiste whose life was wasted and lost. Tears will be shed, claps will be heard, goose bumps will be felt � all in reverence and in tribute to the Mahanati. But the best part about this film is, it will make you smile, because Savitri deserves to be remembered for more than just the tragedy in her life, she deserves to be remembered for the beautiful soul she was.(more)

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Epic Biopic

"Mahanati" is a perfect ode to a great actress that is told in a touching manner with spellbinding performance from Keerthy Suresh. Movie lovers will definitely connect with this story, but normal audiences may find it as a bit of documentary. But definitely, this is a story of an illustrious actress that every movie lover should watch.(more)

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celebration of a legend

Mahanati is a treasure trove that deserves a watch for several reasons. Above all, it's a celebration of Savitri, the person.(more)



Savitri's life is laid down with authenticity, but lacks drama that it inherently demands

Mahanati offers a well-researched glimpse into the life of Savitri and it is perhaps the best way to introduce the next generation of moviegoers to an iconic actress. But in the end, despite all the dramatic moments in the lives of Savitri and Ganesan, apart from a host of other characters, the film lacks the drama that a biopic of this scale deserves. It tells you everything you need to know about Savitri, without leaving you with a high.(more)

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Nag Ashwin pulls off Savitri's biopic brilliantly

Mahanati is an emotional story of Savitri's life on-screen. The off-screen persona of the actress is unveiled well. Terrific production design, beautiful handling by the director and above all exceptional performance from Keerthy Suresh make this movie a must-watch for all the movie lovers. Nag Ashwin pulls off Savitri's biopic brilliantly.(more)

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A great tribute to Savitri

Mahanati is a must-watch, especially for members of the younger generation who are curious to learn more about the life of Savitri.(more)

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Emotional rollercoaster ride

Mahanati is an authentic biopic that�s told in an uncompromising manner. The director didn't commercialise the narration for the sake of frontbenchers. This is how the biopics are made in Hollywood with a classic style of narration with emotions taking the front seat. The last half an hour of the film is so emotional that your heart becomes heavy. Mahanati makes you smile with her innocence, amazes you with her talent and make you sad with her ending. On a whole, Mahanati takes you through an emotional rollercoaster ride. Go and watch it!(more)

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