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A Mind-Bending Whodunnit Chucked With A Wavering Narration

Magizh's characters keep surprising you. An engineer who compares cantilever bridge with a bra.. A cigarette smoking, 40+ woman who dates a bank employee to rob him off.. The strokes are vivid. Yet there is an issue in which they are packed together. Sometimes they stand too sore a thumb. But at times, the amalgamation is brilliant. The incident that sets the film kicking.. who did a murder? Is it Ezhil or Kavin? could have been bit clear. But Magizh wants to capture the dilemma and confusion among the cops by these very similar, identical twins bring in.(more)

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Thadam's intriguing screenplay especially in the second half makes it an engaging investigative thriller that should not be missed.

Thadam is one of those rare films where the cinematography (DOP Gopinath) elevates the performances at some places, especially that of 'FEFSI' Vijayan, who renders a really spooky presence during the close-up shots. The director very well knows how to capture faces. One really wishes that this level of acting is also achieved by the female leads, who barely make their presence felt. Arun Vijay gives a painstaking performance with a great level of effortlessness. Overall, Thadam is well-written whodunnit with a really gripping second half.(more)

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Thadam has an intriguingly written flow of events which begins from the pre-interval point and maintains the suspense factor till the end.

The movie, however, could have been better if a little more care was taken. It takes a long time to reach the plot which made the beginning a bit slow. The film also has some spoon-feeding moments as the director helps the audience differentiate between Ezhil and Kavin even in scenes they do not appear which was unnecessary. (more)

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An engaging whodunit thriller

Thadam's biggest strength is Arun Vijay and his convincing performance as Ezhil and Kavin. He's is not only physically fit and exudes the strength that the character requires but has the necessary vulnerability. Though the brothers look similar, Arun shows distinct body language and dialogue delivery for the two characters. Among the heroines, Vidya Pradeep as the smart cop has the best role and she is good. Yogi Babu and Fefsi Vijayan is perfect. Overall, if you can overlook the lifeless flashback scenes, Thadam is an engaging whodunit thriller from the word go.(more)

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Go for this murder mystery/psychological thriller film that is different from the usual fare.

Magizh Thirumeni has chosen a novel theme and storyline and has succeeded in keeping the suspense alive. It would have been a much better outing for him had he done away with the commercial ingredients and instead tried a raw approach.(more)

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Arun Vijay, Magizh Thirumeni come together for an engaging murder mystery thriller

Thadam is an out-and-out Arun Vijay film. A well made thriller which takes the audiences by surprise in its climax with some twists and turns.(more)

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Excellent Arun Vijay shines in decent thriller

Director Magizh Thirumeni's second film with Arun Vijay, Thadam, deals with a sensitive and intriguing murder mystery. But the screenplay is messed up and filled with spoonfeeding moments, says our review.(more)

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A thriller that doesn't disappoint

At first glance, Thadam, inspired by real events, comes across as a pretty straightforward urban thriller. But as the layers peel, you discover it is cleverly written-in parts.(more)

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A Pulpy Whodunit That Puts A Spin On Its Double-role Premise And Keeps You Guessing

Thadam isn't bad at all. The reveal is everything, and I enjoyed the present-day portions with the policewoman named Malar (Vidya Pradeep, who makes you want to see what she´┐Żll do in a role with more definition). That this useful supporting character has more footage than either heroine is a sign that the film has at least some of its priorities right.(more)



A taut thriller that keeps you engaged till the end

The flashback to the twins' (and a lengthy tale revolving around Sonia Aggarwal) might act as a speedbreaker to an otherwise taut storyline, but the twist in the end makes up for most of it. It's something you didn't see coming, and Magizh ought to have ended it right there, instead of trying to give the film a feel-good sort of finish. Barring these few missteps, Thadam is mostly a taut thriller that keeps you engaged till the very end.(more)