Saamy 2 (saamy Square) (U)
21/Sep/2018 Action, Thriller 2 hrs 32mins

Saamy 2 (Saamy Square)

Critics Review


A Sequel That Could Hurt Fans Of The First Instalment

Hari should realize that his best films had powerful villains. Villains who gave the audience a sense that they are dangerous. Of late, his villains are weak men who keep shouting and killing. But the sense of fear is nil. The masala movie trope is to have the hero on the back foot for the most part and then have him giving it back. Where is the fun in a one-sided affair. (more)

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Hari's unvarying template that works better in parts in the second half - Try it for Vintage Saamy Vikram

Saamy Square is way different form the earlier episode, be it the treatment or the characters involved. This flick is way louder and less slick. A lot of scenes like riot scenes, caste issues, ransom demands followed by chase scene, mass arrest scene and railway station fight, remind us of Hari's previous flicks. (more)

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Saamy 2 ruins our memories of the first film.

And Aarusaamy himself was refreshing - a cop who was not just brain and brawn, but also emotional. You had sub-plots (involving his father) and characters (the sex worker) to reinforce this. But here, Ram Saamy comes across like a Duraisingam who doesn't scream every word he utters. Even the name lacks the mass factor of the former. (more)

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Speedy journeys to Nowhere

The film is built on a wafer thin line and collapses under it's own weight of too many things happening all at once with no purpose. Everyone from Keerthy Suresh to Vikram to Prabhu to Bobby Simha keep traveling in cars,Jeep's and flights somewhere or the other but the story is stuck in one place and refuses to budge an inch. Post interval its a mindnumbing assault of moving images that leaves you in a dizzy.(more)

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Vikram's inimitable style lights up an otherwise insipid action entertainer

he film is too loud and formulaic. There are regular Hari scenes like caste clashes, chase scenes and crass comedy injected into the proceedings. Everybody shouts in the film, especially in the villain vs hero scenes, where the dialogues are laced with bombastic punchlines.(more)

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