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An uncluttered political satire filled with some good comedy moments

Dinesh provides a neat performance and has underplayed it when required and opened up a little more in the second half. From being an underdog to a successful politician, Dinesh seemed to fit the bill!(more)

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Despite the premise offering the opportunity to narrate this story as a gritty action drama, Rajkumar chooses to tell it in a lighter, satirical vein.

The film scores the most is in the subtle ways in which it takes a dig at politics. More importantly, it doesn't take the easier route - use contemporary political developments as reference to make its point. Instead, it focuses on the absurdity that can be observed in politics at the grassroot level. Rajkumar wants to say that in the larger scheme of things, the guys in the lower rungs are totally disposable. Even someone like Parasuraman is merely a pawn.(more)

Source: Suganth, Times Of India


A Political Satire That Offers To Be A Good Entertainer!

Annanukku Jai is a political satire movie, which is devoid of a typical commercial pot boiler. The movie offers good entertainment and a viewing experience to the audience.(more)

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A passable political satire that works because of its lead actor

It may have its flaws but the film packs just enough to keep things moving. Even otherwise, it's a film you can watch for Dinesh alone´┐Żbecause it's a joy to watch this actor cry.(more)

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Time pass politics

Annanukku Jai is a time pass entertainer, it does not ambitious to do its part of entertainment but serves the purpose fair enough. Barring the first half, the second should give some enjoyable moments.(more)

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