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Vijay's charisma mersals the audience

Atlee should be credited for his exceptional confidence in the way he unfolds the story. Atlee brings the blend of very best of Shankar's rich production value and AR Murugadoss social theme from Ramana. (more)

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Triple Vijay - Triple impact

Though just two films old, Atlee has created an impression that he is a master when it comes to emotions. So an emotionally overwhelming person decides to make an out and out mass film. Theri was a mix of emotion, drama and action but this time, he goes more full-fledged towards action.(more)

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This year's most engaging mass masala movie

The fingerprints of the Baahubali writer can be found in many scenes - like in the scene in the flashback portion, where Thalapathy (Vijay), the father of Vetri and Maaran, has to save people trapped in a fire. Thalapathy brings down a giant wheel singlehandedly, and it feels like a nod to Baahubali, where Prabhas stops a huge statue from falling down.(more)

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A crowd-pleaser that knows exactly who its audience is!

Mersal belongs to Vijay and he totally steals the show with his comic timing, mass dialogue delivery, powerful screen presence and racy moves. The magician will be loved by kids while the rebel dad will be embraced by the ardent fans of the actor. (more)

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Go for a wholesome entertainer loaded with Triple Thapathy Vijay Mass.

Atlee with his winning formula of old wine in a new bottle has proved beyond doubt his caliber as a commercial director and has delivered a sure shot winner for Thenandal Studios 100th production.(more)

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A rollicking entertainer to satisfy hardcore Vijay fans, and family audiences

Vijay holds the film together and is riveting in each of the three roles, especially as Thalapathy. He is as at east doing comedy as he is in the action sequences. Mersal does have subtle political messaging, in keeping with its superstar's ambitions. (more)

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This Diwali, Vijay is back to doing what he does best

Much like most of his films, Vijay plays to the gallery. His performance is very rarely benign. Since it's a Vijay film, Mersal requires all the must-haves.(more)

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Vijay lords over an Atlee-directed movie that's better than "Bairavaa", but is that enough?

If I sound weary, it's because of the expectation -- I'm wrong, I know! -- that a "mass" movie could also be a masala movie. MGR�s films managed this fairly well. Here, we just get punchy scenes meant to work in isolation. (more)

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There is never a dull moment in this Vijay starrer

The director has ensured that there is never a dull moment on the big screen and that aspect of the film outweighs the logical follies in the narration. Mersal promised to be a good entertainer and it delivers on it.(more)

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