Nadigaiyar Thilagam (U)
11/May/2018 Biography, Drama 176mins

Nadigaiyar Thilagam

Critics Review


For this generation to explore Savithri and discover Keerthy Suresh..

the film only keeps writing off Savithri with nothing but respect, awe and wonder that's timeless! There is huge dignity in how her fallen times are told. We don't even get to see how she was disfigured in her last days. As Madhuravani confronts in the end.. we are asked to remember her as only the beautiful characters she played.. as Sasireka.. as Parvathy.. as the star Savithri who singlehandedly made all male stars to wait for her dates!(more)

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Go for this very relevant biopic from Nag Ashwin and the awesome Keerthy Suresh will have you mesmerized.

Just one film old Nag Ashwin has chosen a difficult subject and executed it with distinction both in extracting exemplary acting from his cast and inspired near perfection from his crew. Kudos.(more)

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A grand emotional biopic that needs to be celebrated!

The set work, costume designing, music, cinematography and make up - all the departments have done their part admirably well and given exactly what the script has demanded.(more)

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A well made movie made with honesty and passion

Nadigaiyar Thilagam is an emotional story of Savitri's life on-screen. The off-screen persona of the actress is unveiled well. Terrific production design, beautiful handling by the director and above all exceptional performance from Keerthy Suresh make this movie a must-watch for all the movie lovers. Nag Ashwin pulls off Savitri's biopic brilliantly.(more)

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Stopping just short of greatness!

The movie is definitely engaging. Keerthy is more than acceptable as Savitri, and Dulquer Salman as Gemini Ganeshan is brilliant. The camera work and the sets are as good as his performance, although one cannot help but feel that this could have been(more)

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A well-made biopic that's in love with its subject

Nadigaiyar Thilagam could have done with more problematising. In showing you Savitri's discomfort when she first steps into Ganesan's house, it stops you from realising she's hardly the affected party � not in comparison with Ganesan's first wife anyway. In emphasis all her benevolence, it stops you from truly being annoyed with her alcoholism and bad parenting. In a film less charmed by her, I'd have loved to have been given the opportunity to make up my mind about Savitri.(more)

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An emotional visual ode

On the performance front, Keerthy Suresh has owned her role by portraying the legendary actress, Savitri. Being a biopic, she has carried the entire film on her shoulders and is a major step forward in terms of performance compared to her previous roles.(more)

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