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A Non Judgemental cult-classic

The monologue about crossing the thin line that Ajith says in Yennai Arindhaal is more fitting in Vikram-Vedha. Vikram Vedha will appeal to the same senses that were triggered by Aaranya Kaandam.(more)

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An intelligent, engaging film with superb performances backed by technical brilliance.

As conveyed by the team, the film is all about good and evil, but the interesting aspect here is the difficulty in choosing the sides. So, when the film comes to end, you still wonder which is black and which is white and realize that most of it falls in the gray realms(more)

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Vikram Vedha Movie Review

This is also why we do not fall in love entirely with the film. Even as we admire how cool the actors look and perform, how elegant PS Vinod's visuals are, how poetic the concept of Yaanji, the romantic track involving Vikram and Priya is (their story unfolds even as they are unpacking their stuff) and how electric Sam Cs's score is, something seems amiss. And that something is lack of gravitas. The reason why Vikram is so obsessed over Vedha is never convincingly established � we get the routine similar men on different sides of a line explanation, but in a film that is so well thought-out, this angle doesn�t feel that compelling.(more)

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Madhavan, Vijay Sethupathi's film is smart as well as entertaining

Technically the film is very sound; PS Vinod�s camera and his lighting creates the tension and mood, along with great music and background score by Sam CS. On the downside, the film could have been crisper, and the story never explains why the cop is obsessed with the gangster and why he always gives him a patient hearing? Vikram Vedha is well made film that�s intelligent and at the same time entertaining.(more)

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Madhavan, Vijay Sethupathi thriller is a film to remember

The performances of Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi come as a bonus to some terrific writing. It's a joy to watch them lock horns and they make you root for both of them. While Madhavan is good, Vijay is unarguably the best thing to have happened to the film. It�s with unmatchable swag he plays Vedha, a character powered by wit, fearlessness and street-smart thinking. The film also has strong women -- Shraddha and Varalaxmi -- rising above the usual portrayal of heroines in Tamil cinema and leaving a lasting impact.(more)

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A brilliantly written intense crimes drama

Vikram Vedha also stands out for the top notch technicalities, PS Vinod's camera angles perfectly captured the raw North Madras and Sam CS' score is undoubtedly the film's lifeline, his background score enhances each and every scene, particularly in the tense moments. Overall, Vikram Vedha is a brilliantly written intense crimes drama, which shouldn't be missed.(more)

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Don't miss this thriller starring Madhavan, Vijay Sethupathi

Pushkar and Gayathri, who are also married to each other, has written Vikram Vedha based on the mythological characters of Vikram and Betaal, which were made famous through folklore. The film questions the criminal justice system of the country and its dubious methods that are vulnerable to corruption and manipulation.(more)

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