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A fine thriller

A well made and competent mainstream thriller. What makes it more compelling is that the dangers it shows seem very real.(more)

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An intelligent crime thriller that is supported by good performances, detailed writing, but lacked a stronger climax.

Arivazhagan's screenplay adaptation and the detailed writing is something that should be appreciated. This film is a fitting answer to the question, 'why we need more writers in the industry like Hollywood'. The direction has been to the point concerning the crime investigation part. But the director could've spent lesser time on family scenes, which hinders the pace of the movie.(more)

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A good example of an entertaining cop thriller

Don't miss it; Kuttram 23 is easily one of the better films this year so far. Recommended(more)

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Coherent screenplay could've made it better

The film is stylishly shot and narrated. The camera angles and the colour tones enhanced the film's visual appeal. What could have been worked on was the screenplay. A tad loosely etched, the message is diluted and spread out, what with megalomaniacs and blackmailers being in the fray too, apart from the unholy goings on at fertility clinics.(more)

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Its worth a watch for Arun Vijay's acting and the action.

The cop does not use any brilliance to find the culprits and most of the mystery unravels by itself. In fact the audience guesses the medical connection well before the hero does. It is questionable whether some small time criminals can walk into an ACs house and murder so easily. Similarly there is a lack of a powerful antagonist and the fertility doctor and a psycho who wants to inseminate women are not so menacing. The blackmail angle is also far fetched and the murders and suicides are quite unconvincing.(more)

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This crime thriller belongs to Arun Vijay and edge-of-the-seat action

Kuttram 23 has a compelling story and is packaged in an entertaining format by Arivazhagan. It is one of the better movies in recent times.(more)

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