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Too many twists but no surprises

Given the current political climate in Tamil Nadu, Yaman might have got an ideal release date. But just like innumerable breaking news might have turned us a little numb, Yaman keeps throwing so many twists that you see them coming from a mile. And would you still call them twists if they do not really surprise you(more)

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Cleverly weaved political thriller

Go for it to watch a mostly engaging and intriguing political thriller that has come at the right time. (more)

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A political drama that has its share of moments

Although the film cannot much be said to move at a Grandprix speed, it does move at a reasonable pace in the first half but the later part of the film moves in a dull manner despite the story�s scope to make it an engaging drama. Beyond a point, the hero becomes an indestructible force that even his opponents have no clue to handle him. From that point, you are just waiting for the film to get over.(more)

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Yaman Movie Review

Vijay Antony has once again chosen a script which suits him. That said, an attempt to showcase him as a �hero� at times should have been avoided and let his character behave for itself. His track with Miya George seems unconvincing in a few occasions and look forcefully incorporated into the otherwise decent plot. With a slew of characters, one of the positive factors of Yaman, is its neatly etched characters. Aroul and Thiagarajan, as the clever and unforgiving politicians score brownie points. Charlie, Sangili Murugan, Marimuthu and others are apt for their parts. Overall, a little more pace, doing away a duet song which appears in the second half which makes audience yawn and slight tone down of heroism would have worked wonders.(more)

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Decent political drama that only works in parts

Though the BGM goes well with the mood of the film, Antony�s songs are a big downer. Jeeva Shankar�s cinematography is decent. The movie moves at a slow pace and an urgent trimming is needed. It is a clear attempt of Jeeva Shankar to project Vijay Antony as a mass hero, but the film works only in parts.(more)

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Vijay Antony film is a watchable political drama

Jeeva, who introduced Vijay as a lead actor with his 2012 film Naan, has tried to help the actor click with the masses with Yaman. It is a watchable political drama, which has come out at the right time in the light of the ongoing political crisis in Tamil Nadu.(more)

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Vijay Antony plays dirty politics in this Jeeva Shankar film

A bit of romance between Mia George�s Archana (an actress) and Tamizharasan perhaps as a �relief� to all this gore sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb. There is zero chemistry between them, and Antony looks visibly ill at ease as the lover-boy.(more)

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